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Hello Foolery Folks,

Here’s your Friday dosage of Shakespeare foolery, featuring odd Shakespeare pop-ups, the other Shakespeare, Munchkins and more.

Over on buzzfeed there’s a post written almost as though it were designed for this column. It takes silly Shakespeare-themed tweets and compiles them in a list which alternates between cringey and funny reading. My personal favourite is this take on odd Shakespeare pop-ups in Google suggested searches..

Then there’s this. Which outlines all the posts they think Shakespeare might have approved of, were he an internet user. (Including some rather ferny looking characters from Hamlet).

Sticking with Shakespeare popping up in odd places, here in the UK he’s also been spotted on the football pitch with some Leicester players. Ok, maybe not quite spotted, but he has been mentioned. The other Shakespeare that is. (No, I’m not pedalling the Oxford argument). Craig Shakespeare, Leicester City’s caretaker shares a name with the Stratford one, and this has lead to puns a-plenty with his famous name-twin. Here’s just a selection, do comment below with your puns, if you think you can top these.

And then there’s the mantra for all Shakespeare scholars..

Are you a Munchkin game fan (as well as a Shakespeare lover)? If so, then this kickstarter could be for you – that’s right, a campaign has been set up to raise sufficient funds to create a Munchkin Shakespeare. Those unfamiliar with Munchkin games, play consists of back stabbing, plenty of puns, and killing monsters. Enter the dungeon and kill. Pinch things from your friends. Pick up magic items. You get the picture. Oh, and it’s a card game.

Fancy testing out your Shakespeare spelling skills? Here’s a quiz designed just for you – quills at the ready! Or perhaps you’d prefer this, the ultimate Shakespeare quiz!

Did you hear the big news about George Clooney? (No, I don’t mean the twins his wife is expecting..). Yes, that’s right he quoted Shakespeare recently in an acceptance speech. (And unlike the Oscars, he had been the name on the card). Read all about it here.

And from the ridiculous to the sublime.. Here’s (one of many) posts on the interesting links that can be drawn between Trump and some of Shakespeare’s characters.

Finally, if you haven’t heard about this cat-Shakespeare mashup movie, here’s all you need to know.

That’s all for now folks, until next time keep foolin’ around, Shakespeare style!

Author Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters is a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University, England where she is currently researching female melancholia in the early modern period (as presented in Shakespearean and early modern drama and proto-medical treatises) and contemporary female depression. She is interested in all things Shakespeare related, particularly contemporary Shakespeare adaptation and appropriation.

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