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Announcing our first-ever Bardie Award winners

By April 23, 2014 4 Comments

The Shakespeare Standard is happy to announce our first annual Bardie Award winners! Winners were selected solely from nominations submitted to us at the end of 2013. Congratulations to all the winners.


Best Conference of the Year: Blackfriars Conference, American Shakespeare Center, Staunton, Virginia


Best Shakespeare Film of the Year: Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing

Best Shakespeare Book of the Year: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, by Ian Doescher


Student of the Year: Erin Weinberg (full disclosure: Erin occasionally writes for us occasionally, and she’s great!)

Best Educational Site/App/Resource: WordPlay Shakespeare


Best Artistic Concept: Steampunk, Industrial Richard 3rd | Arch Villain Theatre Company Vic Terenzio Managing Producer/Director

Best Professional Production: Richard III (Shakespeare’s Globe productions on Broadway)

Foolery and Miscellany

Best Meme: “Tragedy into comedy in a single stage direction.”

Best Original Drawing: Chicane Pictures David Tennant as Hamlet

Global Shakespeare

Most Inventive Production: The Tragedy of Coriolanus, Supported by The Ministry of Culture, People’s Republic of China and The KT Wong Foundation

Best non-English Shakespeare Film: Caesar Must Die (US release date)

Best non-English Shakespeare Production: The Tragedy of Coriolanus, Supported by The Ministry of Culture, People’s Republic of China and The KT Wong Foundation

People’s Choice

Best Website: The Bardolator (full disclosure: Erin Weinberg occasionally writes for us)

Best Original Costume Design: Renee Casadaban Purdy at Arch Villain Theatre Company for her steampunk Richard III design

Are you a 2013 winner? Contact us for your Golden Bardie badge for your website.

Want to nominate someone for our 2014 Bardies? Check out our nomination process below. Nominees can be listed ANY time throughout the year. Categories listed below, but you may feel free to suggest your own.

The Shakespeare Standard is seeking nominations of writers, bloggers, teachers, performers and theater companies who excel in the following categories during 2013: Scholarship, Multimedia, Education, Voices, Performance, Foolery and Miscellany, Global Shakespeare and People’s Choice. Specific categories in each area are listed below.

Submitted nominees will be reviewed and voted on, and the winners will receive special recognition from The Shakespeare Standard, as well as the honorary “golden badge” for their website and a printable certificate of achievement. Winning theater companies will be featured on The Shakespeare Standard and receive free press for their upcoming season. How to submit a nomination:

  • For verification purposes, please include your name and e-mail address.
  • Please clarify which award you’d like to nominate your candidate for and why.
  • To nominate online articles and websites, please include a link.
  • To nominate productions, please include the contact information for the organization.
  • To nominate a person or a department, please include their contact information.
  • Submit nominations via email to 

Important Dates: Nominees must be submitted by December 15, 2014 Nominees will be announced January 1, 2015 People’s Choice voting will end April 1, 2015 On April 23, 2015, in honor of Bill Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, we will announce the winners on   Eligibility: Nominees must be able to be verified by judges. Nominated material must be available to the judges for review. There are no geographical limitations.   Categories: Scholarship: Best Conference of the Year: Best New Monograph:   Multimedia: Best Shakespeare Film of the Year: Best Shakespeare Book of the Year: Best Shakespeare YouTube Clip of the Year:   Education: Teacher of the Year: Training Program of the Year: Student of the Year: Best Educational Site:   Voices: Best Journal Article: Best Website: Best “Original Idea” Piece:   Performance: Best Artistic Concept: Best Professional Production: Best Non-Professional Production: Best Children’s Production:   Foolery and Miscellany: Best Meme: Best Use of Shakespeare’s Image in a Meme: Best Pun: Best Original Drawing:   Language:   Global Shakespeare: Most Inventive Production: Best non-English Shakespeare Production or Event: Best Foreign Shakespeare Film: Best Foreign Shakespeare Production:   People’s Choice: Best Website: Best Resource Site: Best Collegiate Shakespearean Program: Best Children’s Educational Program (K-12): Best 2013 Shakespearean Production (Professional): Best 2013 Shakespearean Production (Collegiate or Community): Best Original Concept: Best Original Costume Design: The Bold Bardie Award (most avant-garde, risqué or controversial):   For more information, contact

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