Bounded in a Nutshell | Much Ado About Shakespeare on Film | Shakespeare Voices News for November 21st

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This week, I thought I’d share two of my favorite recent Shakespeare-related finds. I am beyond excited about Joss Whedon’s noir-film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing – and while there is no definite worldwide release date as of yet, you better believe I am checking up on the status of this film every single morning. Many of Whedon’s shows have a Shakespearean-vibe to them (see the short-lived series Firefly and see it immediately — trust me), so knowing that he is diving into some plain ol’ Shakespeare makes me positively giddy.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share a webinar that the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust held two weeks ago on Filming Shakespeare. It’s insightful, informative, and interesting! And keeping with the mood of Much Ado, here’s “Sigh No More” by Mumford and Sons. The first line just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite Shakespeare lines ever!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ll see you with a longer post next week!

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