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In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy uncovers the Wizard as just an ordinary human. When The State of Shakespeare talks with Eric Tucker, he is clearly human, but he is anything but ordinary.


Recently named “Best Director of 2014” by the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Tucker gives his audience a peek into the inner workings and beginnings of the New York-based theater company, Bedlam.  Tucker talks directing, acting and producing a four person Hamlet; the reasons behind some of his choices; and then reveals his favorite word in Hamlet’s “How all occasions do inform against me…” speech from Act 4, Scene 4.

imagesWith a breakout hit in St. Joan, running in rep with Hamlet, Bedlam caused a stir in the New York theater scene.  One of the “trademarks”, although Tucker doesn’t quite go so far as to call it that, is to move the audience onto the stage, have actors in the lobby, and generally play havoc with the traditional theatrical setting.

Bedlam is also known for smaller casts, although this year’s Sense and Sensibility boasted ten cast members in double and triple roles.  It is also known to bring the audience up close to the players, a move that Tucker describes as “helping to tell the story in a cool way”.

With Hamlet, Mr. Tucker talks about the reasoning behind his directorial choices, how they help tell the story, and how the audience reacted.  He reflects on the idea of honor: if Shakespeare and Hamlet are in agreement about this notion and whether a modern audience understands the word as it is used by the Bard.

images-1Finally, with over twenty years of experience, Tucker dispenses a bit of advice for an upcoming actor.  Join the State of Shakespeare for an engaging chat with this wizard of theatricality and Bedlam founder, Eric Tucker.

Bedlam’s next foray into Shakespeare will be a five person Twelfth Night running in rep with, well, a five person Twelfth Night.  Check it out here…

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