By Mya Gosling


Well, we made it to the end of what was objectively a ghastly year on many different levels. Time to haul out the inspirational Shakespeare quotes as we look forward to 2021!

Thanks to everyone who helped get me through this year, notably my supporters on Patreon, who have enabled me to donate $4000 this year to food banks and COVID-19 relief funds for theatre artists and underserved communities. Thanks also to my pocket dramaturg, Kate Pitt, for providing me with much-needed long-distance emotional and creative support as I struggled through A Stick-Figure Hamlet. Thanks to my climbing partner and my yoga teacher for keeping me active and helping me feel connected despite not being able to move together in the same space anymore. And thanks to my parents for literally everything else.

And thanks to you for following Good Tickle Brain. Without you, I’d just be screaming into the void.

Here’s to better years to come.

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