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Indiana seniors perform mashup fest | O, What Learning Is!

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Indiana seniors perform mashup fest

Seniors at Lowell High School in Indiana spent last week performing in a Shakespeare fest for fellow students. The long running semiannual event, sponsored by English and Language Arts teacher Wendy Magley, took place on Wednesday and Thursday and ran throughout the school day. Each day featured different scenes and the performances which served as an end-of-semester project.

The presentation included scene performances as well as contemporary ‘mashups’ of Shakespeare’s works such as “William Wrestling Entertainment Presents: Shakespeare Mania,” a “Royal Rumble,” and song riffs that paired the playwright with Katy Perry. In preparation for the show, Magley’s seniors learned a smattering from multiple plays. Students also served as comedic emcees. Lowell’s performances, which one student called a “last hurrah” for the seniors, seems to have had continual success bringing current topics and trends to Shakespeare’s works for the student body.

You can view a brief slideshow of images from this year and last year’s fest performances as posted via The Times.

What do you think about the usefulness of “mashing” Shakespeare’s works with contemporary trends? Have you seen it foster student engagement or do you think students should focus on more text-based performance?  Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts …

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