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When Pacman visited Stratford, the ghosts sought revenge.. Hamlet’s-Father style. This week in news which could only come from Stratford-upon-Avon, aka the town from which Shakespeare hailed many years ago, a robbery took place and the robbers were then chased down the street by a ghost. Yes, really. Ok, well a man dressed as a ghost. No, this wasn’t some kind of Hamlet prank but a real life robbery where it just happened that a man in costume happened to be on hand to chase away the burglars. Perhaps best of all the ‘ghost’ was dressed as Shakespeare. ‘Remember me’ and ‘Avenge me’ appear to have been taken to a whole new level following a crime on the streets of Stratford. Now if that’s not news with a foolery twist, I don’t know what is!

In other news this week, I hope by now you have heard that this Sunday, that’s Sunday September 11th, you can livestream A Midsummer Night’s Dream from The Globe in London, England. It’s free and well worth checking out, it’s a Dream perhaps nothing like you’ve seen before and marks Rice’s debut as Artistic Director at the Globe. For UK residents you can check it out on the BBC (and then afterwards on the BBC iPlayer) and they’ll also be catering for international viewers too. For more information click here.

As part of the big knees up for Shakespeare’s death-a-versary this year, Selfridges (yes, the department store) are going all out with a range of all sorts of items under the name ‘Shakespeare Refashioned’, featuring a specially commissioned show of Much Ado in their very own pop-up theatre, a Shakespearean themed window display (of course), Shakespearean character perfumes, and more. It’s certainly a different kind of appropriation, check out all the details here.

Have you ever wondered just how weird Shakespeare’s language is, and contemplated what it might look like today if you spoke in a similar way (via a translator of course). Well this lady wondered too so she decided to embark on a spot of (rather frank) translation. Prepare yourself to see ‘Shall I compare thee..’ in a whole new light!

Continuing in the translation vein I recently came across Glove and Boots, a puppet company featuring creatures that look heavily indebted to the PG tips monkey. They get up to all sorts but in their most recent video they unpick Romeo and Juliet beginning with ‘But soft, what light from yonder window breaks’. Which, they claim, at least makes sense to dead English people. Useful! Well worth checking out for a different take on some Shakespeare translation!

Finally, in appropriation news, Ian McEwan has got a new book coming out next week which is loosely.. like Lion King kind of loosely.. based on Hamlet. It comes BuzzFeed recommended and who wouldn’t want to check out Hamlet via Ian McEwan!

That’s all for now this week, but until next time folks keep foolin’ around, Shakespeare style!


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Sarah Waters is a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University, England where she is currently researching female melancholia in the early modern period (as presented in Shakespearean and early modern drama and proto-medical treatises) and contemporary female depression. She is interested in all things Shakespeare related, particularly contemporary Shakespeare adaptation and appropriation.

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