By Mya Gosling

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As you know, my comic archives have been pretty nonexistent thus far. For some reason “Update and Organize Archives” never seems to make it above “OMG DRAW NEW COMICS” on my to-do list. Well, I’m trying to remedy that now. I am going back through SEVEN (!!!) years’ worth of comics, retagging them, and putting together play-specific pages. It’s a slow process, but hopefully will make Good Tickle Brain a much more navigable resource for my fellow Shakespeare geeks.

Naturally, the first play page to be completed is Hamlet! Perhaps unsurprisingly, I think I’ve drawn more Hamlet-related comics than anything else. That jerk always hogs the limelight. Anyways… take a look, check out any comics you might have missed, revisit old favorites you haven’t seen in years, and enjoy!


A collection of Hamlet-themed stick-figure comics by Good Tickle Brain.

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