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Greetings! We hope your Valentine found you, or, if not you, at least Silvia. Some great new calls for conferences and manuscripts have crossed my desk this week, so let’s get to it!

Historical Memory

The Penn State Committee for Early Modern Studies is hosting a conference titled “In the Face of Destruction: Historical Memory and the Preservation of the Past in the Early Modern Period.”

Per the announcement:

We seek papers that take on the themes of destruction and subsequent preservation,writ larger than the iconoclastic acts that immediately come to mind. Defining the early modern period broadly in temporal terms (1300-1800) and geographic expanse, this symposium seeks to unite a number of topics related to destruction and preservation including iconoclasm, collecting practices, censorship, the Inquisition, warfare, extirpation campaigns, disease, historical suppression/erasure, martyrologies, natural disasters,commerce, and their related ethical dimensions. We hope to expand this theme to form a broader conceptual framework that includes “non-western” traditions, frontier regions, and colonial contexts. The natural corollary to destruction and its consequences for peoples and nations – human agency and initiative amid crises – are also of analytical interest.

For more information visit the full call here.

World Shakespeare Congress

The World Shakespeare Congress will feature a panel on “Paratheatrical Entertainments in Shakespeare’s London and London’s Shakespeare.” Interested participants should submit here.

From the announcement:

Although scholarly interest in available “alternatives” to early modern London theater has recently grown, a focused examination of their relation to Shakespeare has been somewhat absent. Beginning with the position that London’s “entertainment industry” invites a perspective on Shakespeare’s theater which is not dismissive of these entertainments but sees them as integral to and indices of pleasure-production of the time, this seminar aims to redress the existing scholarly gap. Seminar papers may examine single entertainments (such as bear-baiting, gambling, sports, hearing sermons, drinking, fairs, or other activities), or elements of them in representations or allusions, or they may address the complex theoretical relationship between this culture and Shakespeare’s work. Central questions may include these: what similar or different aesthetics were available in London’s wider entertainment offerings? In what ways was Shakespeare’s work informed by or even in competition with these entertainments? What entertainments did Shakespeare depict, how were they inserted, and to what ends? What was the audience reception of these, either as original recreations or in their secondary representations by Shakespeare? What is gained or lost in Shakespeare’s “translation” of them? What sorts of pleasures did they embody for Shakespeare, whether disorderly and “low,” or licit and “higher”?

Find more information here


Historical Memory, A/R/T, WSC | The Scrivener shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare Analyses/Rereadings/Theories (A/R/T Journal) is a peer-reviewed journal that has been created with a view to providing a forum for analyzing and discussing issues of immediate relevance for contemporary literary and cultural studies.

The editors would like to invite submission of contributions for its sixth issue, to be published in Summer 2016. We invite original articles, reviews and interviews addressing any topics related to Anglophone literature and culture.

The contributions should be between 4000 and 6000 words long. Each contribution will be anonymously refereed by a reviewer (double-blind review). The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is 31 March 2016.

Submissions should be e-mailed to

A detailed style sheet is available at:

For any further information please contact the editors

For more information about the journal (including information concerning the publishing procedure and the reviewing process) please visit:

Thanks for reading the Scrivener! We are an all-volunteer troupe @ TSS, and would love to have you join our band of brothers. Write to for more information.

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