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Speak the Speech|King Lear Shakespeare as a novel and more| Performance News for the week of June 27

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Hello all Steven here filling in for Speak the Speech this week. This week we have the Arkansas Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare as novels and more. So, without further ado let us jump right in.

Arkansas Shakespeare Festival presents King Lear.

King Lear is the next play up on the docket for The Arkansas Shakespeare Festival 2013 season. Telling the tragic story of the titular King Lear that is seeking to divide his kingdom up among his daughters based on how much they love him and the fallout of this decision this is one of Shakespeare’s most memorable plays.  There are two additional performances of this show June 29th and 30th. Shows start at 7:30 pm, with tickets being $27.00.

Illinois Shakespeare Festival Receives gift from Professor Pat Grogg:

Professor Emeritus at the Department of Management and Quantitative Methods,  Pat Grogg has given a sizable gift to the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. Having been a long time fan of the arts. Professor Grogg wanted to do this to help give access to the arts for kids because of changing school curriculum.

“Many people are experiencing these plays for the first time,” Grogg said. “The Shakespeare Festival creates a bridge between what is brand new and what is timeless.”

To learn more about this gift and Professor Grogg, please visit here.

Shakespeare to be retold as a novel-Hogarth to Start Project:

Today Hogarth-the transatlantic imprint of publisher Random House announced that it would be starting a project that would make Shakespeare more accessible to people. Entitled Hogarth Shakespeare, this project seeks to retell Shakespeare in prose and story format. So far two writers have signed on to this project: Jeanette Winterson, OBE- a BAFTA award winning screen writer and Pulitzer prize winner Anne Tyler. Both women have chosen to tackle comedies for their projects. Ms. Winterson will be retelling the story found in A Winter’s Tale ,while Ms. Tyler will be developing a novel-based version of The Taming of the Shrew.



Well that is all for this week. What did you think about Arkansas Shakespeare Festival’s decision to put on King Lear? What about the gift that Professor Pat Grogg gave to the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, would you do the same in her position as a lover of Shakespeare? What do we all think about Random’s House’s plan to reinvent Shakespeare to more accessible format. Do you like that idea? Do you hate it? Let us know, we would love to hear from you.  Please be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and if you have any performance news or any ideas for stories, please email us at editor@

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