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  • Another Shakespeare?: The Thomas Middleton Experiment |  Sure I love Shakespeare–I even played a little Shakespeare in college, you know?–but I’ve been feeling guilty about neglecting the other great playwrights of the period. As if on cue, Gary Taylor finally finishes his complete works of Thomas Middleton.
  • Bardbox |  Welcome to BardBox, a collection of the best and most interesting examples of original Shakespeare videos online.
  • Bardfilm |  Bardfilm is a blog that comments of film, plays, and other matters related to Shakespeare.
  • Bardiac |  I profess literature. More specifically, I’m a feminist, female Shakespearean who also teaches composition regularly, early modern literature, Chaucer on occasion, graduate classes in writing and research, literary theory, poetry, drama. Welcome to my wor
  • Blogging the Renaissance |  Early Modern Topics and Whatever Else We Want
  • Everyday Shakespeare |  This is where we bring Shakespeare down from the Ivory Tower and into our everyday lives. We’re both suburban moms and Shakespeare professors. For us, the Bard isn’t some genius you haul out for weddings and graduations. He’s our snarky friend, our confid
  • Folger Shakespeare Library |  Courtesy of STA
  • Fundación Shakespeare Argentina |
  • Good Tickle Brain: A Mostly Shakespeare Webcomic |
  • Hank Whittemore’s Shakespeare Blog |  The monument edition of the sonnets and Shakes-spear’s Treason the one-man show demonstrate that “Shakespeare” was a pen name used for royal politics.
  • I Love Shakespeare |  William S. is an actor, living and working in Amsterdam, NL. This blog contains William’s thoughts and reflections on everything Shakespeare.
  • Interactive Shakespeare Project – College of the Holy Cross |  Courtesy of STA
  • Shakespeare’s Blog |
  • News on the Rialto |  Herein lie the most current news items about all things Shakespearean.
  • Pater Familias (Shakespeare Tag) |  A general blog with frequent enteries on Shakespeare.
  • Primrose Blog |  Everything you need to know about life and human experience *is* in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Maybe.
  • Prospero’s Books |  I’m not Prospero, just a student rummaging through his library and writing in the margins. Prospero’s Books is a blog about seeing the world as a whole.
  • Savage Chickens (Shakespeare Tag) |  Doug Savage draws chicken cartoons, including several with Shakespearean references.
  • Shakespeare By Another Name |  Edward de Vere was “Shakespeare.” So… Who was Edward de Vere? Now we’re talking.
  • Shakespeare Experience |  My reflections and thoughts on the works of William Shakespeare, how he inputs the world (dreadful way of putting it isn’t it?) and how my world reflects on and is reflected in his work.
  • Shakespeare Geek |  The most important thing to take away from the site is that we – I – love this stuff. I really really do. I think that my life is better for experiencing Shakespeare, and I wish to share it with those around me.
  • Slings and Arrows |
  • Teaching Shakespeare – The Blog! |
  • The Bard Blog |  I love Shakespeare, I want to share that love, and I got bored. That’s how this website was born. I don’t consider myself an expert, I don’t have a PhD in Shakespeare. But I read Shakespeare, I watch Shakespeare, I read and watch about Shakespeare, I act
  • The Bardathon |  The Bardathon is Pete Kirwan’s academic theatre review blog. This is an experiment in reviewing practice designed to combine the principles of academic reviewing with the immediate reactions of a journalistic format.
  • The Blotted Line |  An archive featuring an English grad student, a potted plant, a cabal of four-footed beasts, and a dead British dramatist.
  • The Shakespeare Adventure |  After four hundred years, Shakespeare still matters. Why?
  • The Shakespeare Blog |  Sylvia Morris shares her insight on Shakespeare
  • The Shakespeare Place |  The place where there’s a space for anything Shakespeare
  • The Year of Reading Shakespeare |  Reading the complete works of William Shakespeare in one year and analyzing it in a sophomoric and overly-personalized fashion
  • Wynken the Word |  This blog shares thoughts specifically about books and early modern culture as well as speculations more generally about the history of books, reading, and printing.

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