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Markville Project | Week Three Henry IV Discussion – Group 2 by somuchthinking

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King Henry/ Northumberland/ Worcester.
King Henry and Worcester are kind of like 2 sides of a magnet. They are opposite, yet they have the same attributes.
Unfortunately I was only able to find 1 characteristic that the two shared in Act 1, but this is the driving force between the 2 throughout the whole book. Kiny Henry and Worcester chare the attribute of ambition. For King Henry, it can be seen that he is ambitious during (1.1.22-27) “Forthwith a power of English…bitter cross”. King Henry’s ultimate plan is to go and fight against the Muslims to reclaim the promised land for the Christians. This is a very treasured ambition because he needs to redeem himself for killing King Richard.
Worcester’s ambition comes from the fact that the Percys are not being recognized for their importance in bringing King Henry into kingship. “And ’tis no little reason to bid…The King will always think him in our debt…to his looks of love” (1.3.294-301). I think that if these 2 didn’t hate each other, they would be as close as partners in crime.

The only other attribute that I could find of King Henry is that he is one ungrateful guy (at the moment I guess). In (1.1.77-82), King Henry talks about how much he wished his son was like Hotspur who is valiant and warlike, not some lump that drinks and parties all day. The part where he releases his thoughts about the 2 Harrys is probably necessary as a person. I’m sure if any other parent had a son/daughter like that, they would be disappointed. Another part where it is possible to see the King’s ungratefulness is in scene 3 where the King confronts the Percys. Although Worcester mentions that the Percys assisted in his kingship, King Henry throws him out of the room.

Northumberland is very honourable. In Act 1, he hasn’t said much, but he is one honourable guy. “Those prisoners in your…and not my son.” (1.3.23-29). Northumberland shows great manner to the King when he spoke to him. It is also seen when he mentions his part in the overthrow of King Richard. ” He was; I heard the proclamation…Whose wrong in us God pardon….expedition;” (1.3.150-152). Northuberland’s honour keeps him polite, and very religious (in the good moral way). Although he is with the Percys, he isn’t as crazy as his kinsmen.

Worcester, is the man of all evil so far. He is ambitious, corrupt, boastful, scheming and vengeful. He’s the devil of the entire book! (And probably the most charismatic out of Northumberland and King Henry). All of the evidence can be seen in scene 3. His ambition and vengefulness are represented in (1.3.294-301). Worcester talks about what King Henry would be like after they win; how sweet the results will be. The reaction of the king would be the vengence that he so desires, and the fact that he says that they shoud do it quickly, is his ambition. Worcesters shows his corruptness, ” And that same greatness too which our own hands Have holp to make so portly.” (1.3.12-13). When Worcester first speaks, he infers the assistance of the Percy family to King Henry’s throne. Of course, Worcester, being hostile to King Henry, would want to make his family name seem so much better than King Henry’s. This makes me think that whenever Worcester is saying something against King Henry, he’s always going to talk about his family’s assistance. Furthermore, Worcester is a corrupt person. In (1.3.192-198) he says that he will read matter that is deep and dangerous. This makes me think that he knows a lot more stuff than any of us do, and that this stuff will affect Hotspur (which I also think is his purpose). Lastly, Worcester is scheming. In (1.3.269-278), Worcester is telling Hotspur what to do. It is clear that he has a plan in store, and he’s been waiting to use for so long. In conclusion, Worcestor is the most evil guy in the book. He’s the mastermind with the plan and is ready to use his pawns (Hotspur, Northumberland) to achiever his goal.

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