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Mitchell and Webb are a well known duo, Mitchell and Shakespeare perhaps less so – but that’s set to change with the upcoming arrival of David Mitchell on our screens in an all new Shakespeare-sitcom and yes, you’ve guessed it, Mitchell will play Shakespeare. What with Dickensian this Christmas and Upstart Crow in the new year, literature meets modern day TV formats appears to be taking the UK at least by storm. While Dickensian takes Dickens’ characters from many books and allows them to interact in the fictional format of a TV soap (with Fagin, Scrooge and Little Nell all appearing in interlocking stories), Upstart Crow instead will focus on Shakespeare the man not his Falstaff figures of fiction (though a character called Bottom will appear). Directed by Ben Elton of Blackadder fame, this show focuses on Shakespeare at the cusp of his theatrical career. Stay tuned for more news on this, and check it out on BBC2 (UK viewers) in the new year.

30 seconds of Shakespeare? Oh yes, a new book, reminiscent of the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s book on Shakespeare’s plays, offers Shakespeare in 30 second installments and it’s not just for those who feel weak at the thought of Shakespeare but offers material for the academic and lay-reader alike. We all need a refresher sometimes and how better than mouthful chunks of Shakespeare. Read more about 30-Second Shakespeare here.

It wouldn’t be a foolery column without a Shakespeare quiz and this week’s involves pictures as well as words! (I knew you’d be excited). Happy quizzing!

Have you ever wondered how Shakespeare’s characters might fair if they were college students? Well, wonder no longer! This Buzzfeed post reimagines just that. (Note: Bottom is the one with the F jumper on).

Expecting and fancy a Shakespearean name for your little one now or in the future? Or even a (shock horror) non-Shakespearean literary name – fear not this list of 46 options offers you plenty of options. (Including one which means swimming pool in French.. Yep, I’ve no idea why either).

Ever wanted to take part in a project working with something Shakespearean? How about some text-editing. There’s an exciting chance to get involved with some manuscript material including a large array of letters from Shakespeare’s period. The idea of the project? To find out more about daily life in the period, from things ‘as familiar in their mouths as household words’. For more information have a look at the Guardian write-up here.

That’s all for now folks, until next time keep foolin’ around – Shakespeare style!



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