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Music and Shakespeare | MEMEnto Merry

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Hi all and welcome back to another edition of  MEMEnto Merry. I know I have been away for the past few months, however expect more memes out of me at more frequency. Next week I will bring back the Original TSS MEMES but for this week I thought I would just bring you some Lyrical Shakespeare in the form of memes with Community Finds. So, without further ado let us jump right into Community Finds

Community Finds:

Shakespeare Taking on Katy Perry:

Shakespeare meets Katy Perry

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 Thrift Shop Shakespeare Style:

Music  and Shakespeare  | MEMEnto Merry shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare This week in the first MEMEnto Merry in a few months Steven looks at Music and Shakespeare.

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Shakespeare: Pretty Fly for a White Guy

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Shakespeare Asks Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up:

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Shakespeare and Umbrella:

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Moves Like Mick Jagger:

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That is all for this week. Next week I will be bringing back TSS Original Memes. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google +. Also if you have either a story idea, an upcoming production or have an idea for a MEMEnto Merry Post. Please email us at See you all next week!

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