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New Julius Caesar film and winner of Shakespeare Film Festival | Bard in Multimedia

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Director and producer Devin E. Haqq’s latest film is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar titled Ambition’s Debt. The dialogue will be old-school while the costumes and the film set will be updated in a post-apocalyptic world.

This time Haqq will play the role of Caesar as well as direct. His cast includes Dan Butler, best known for his role as Bulldog on Frasier, who will star as Caius Cassius; Nathan Darrow, who plays secret agent Edward Meechum on House of Cards, will play Mark Antony; Pernell Walker is Cinna, and Carra Patterson is Calpurnia. Attached as the director of photography is George Lyon (A Cool Dark Place, 2014 Cannes Film Festival).

His vision includes an industrial warehouse/factory space in Brooklyn or Queens to stage his “play.” The costuming will be remnants from the past. “The approach will be very much like that of a stage production, leaning more toward minimalism and abstract storytelling techniques opposed to historical authenticity,” writes Haqq. “I want to preserve the essence of a live performance and the experience of watching actors tell a story, while at the same time, create an amazing visual experience through dynamic cinematography.” Principal photography is scheduled for the last two weeks of March and rehearsals will begin at the end of February.

Haqq’s executive producer is Josh Wick, whom he co-wrote The Assassin with. Wick has an impressive resume. He has produced Out of My Hand, Wendell and The Lemon, Francis of Brooklyn, White Creek, and Orphaned.

The Kickstarter campaign for Ambition’s Debt is just shy of $43,000 and has until Nov. 22 to raise the full $75,000.

The Winner’s Circle:


The winner of the Shakespeare Film Festival came out of London from Flight of Fancy Films. Shrew’d, starring Robert Dukes as Petruchio and Helena Grace Donald as Kate, is a surprisingly tender take on the warring couple. The production company is dedicated to producing shorts to inspire those studying Shakespeare. The company’s first short, also starring Dukes, was a snippet from Othello. The competition’s runner up Yorgo Lykouria with his film Verona, which is a modern short inspired by Romeo and Juliet. The festival’s sponsors are The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Misfit Inc.

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