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I have never been cynical about a new year. This time of year, I find myself thoroughly inspired by how everyone is committed to being their best selves, and have no problem getting caught up in the feel-goodness of it all. I made a promise to myself a while back that I would only make fun New Year’s resolutions, as those are the only ones I know I will unyieldingly stick with. So this year, I am going to attempt the daunting task of read 100 books. I’ve started off strong, with the first four already behind my belt – but it’s becoming a bit more difficult now with new Sherlock to watch and holiday bottles of Lagavulin to finish.

But I will beat on, boats against the current. What I love so much about reading, and Shakespeare (and this won’t be a new revelation to any of us, but it doesn’t make is any less true), is the chance it gives me to meet people I would never meet otherwise. It gives me a chance to live several lifetimes, all unique and all important. Shakespeare’s canon of characters, in particular, continue to teach me about the scope of humanity with each read through.

So today, I thought I’d make a little New Year’s list of the things I hope to be a little more of by the end of 2014, using a character from each of Shakespeare’s plays. Deep breath. Drum roll, please.

By the end of 2014, I hope to be as indulgent as Falstaff, as passionate as Cleopatra, as tender as Imogen, as hilarious as Antiphlous, as scholarly as Ferdinand, as poetic as Richard II, as charitable as Cerimon, as fierce as Katharina, as giddy as Orlando, as spirited as Emilia, as outspoken as Volumnia, as affectionate as Arcite and Palamon, as brave as Hal, as thoughtful as Hamlet, as kind as Hero, as devoted as Isabella, as valiant as Troilus, as mischievous as Puck, as idealistic as Romeo, as strong as Katharine of Aragon, as honest as Lear’s Fool, as intuitive as Antony, as ambitious (okay maybe not AS ambitious) as Lady Macbeth, as resourceful as Lucetta, as honorable as Gloucester, as bold as Hermione, as vulnerable as Viola, as willful as Queen Elizabeth, as generous as Flavius, as forgiving as Prospero, as determined as Helena, as enduring as Lavinia, and finally, as complexly human as Shylock.

Happy New Year, all!

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