O What Fools | Food, Evictions, Muggings and more | Shakespeare Foolery News for the Week of Dec 14, 2012

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Once again welcome to our weekly roundup of the weird, odd, unusual, and just plain fun news involving Shakespeare.

Eviction Held Off

Starting today’s roundup is a little story about the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington which has been in a dispute with their landlord and facing eviction.  While the judge has withheld the eviction, they still sound like the argument is going strong so I expect this won’t be the last we hear of this fight.

Food Fit for Shakespeare

Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ Tudor Room, the institute is offering a glimpse into foods of the Shakespearean era. At 11 a.m. Dec. 13, a free public lecture will explore the evolution of English banqueting. It’s accompanied by a display of replica foods designed by English culinary historian Ivan Day, who’s re-creating a full banquet. For details and museum info, visit  Sounds like we just missed a real treat.  If anyone was there and wants to report back on this, please tell us about it (comment, Facebook, Twitter, or submit an article!)

Seuss and Shakespeare

O What Fools | Food, Evictions, Muggings and more | Shakespeare Foolery News for the Week of Dec 14, 2012 shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare Today's news includes a Feast for Shakespeare, an aging actress mugged of an heirloom ring, news of the The Theatre in London and a dig and theatre building, plus other odd, fun, and strange news for the week.

Seuss and Macbeth

I had a T-Shirt once which did Hamlet from Dr. Seuss’ view (“I would not, could not kill the king–I could not murder anything!” proclaims Claudius to Hamlet), so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to hear of this:

 Patton Junior High School performed the play, “Seusspeare: Meet the Macbeths,” which tells the story of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” as if Dr. Seuss had written it.

Speaking of School Plays

Congrats to Pauline Maranian, Estancia High School’s drama teacher, whose class won an award.

The California Educational Theatre Assn. (CETA) picked Estancia’s Shakespearean comedy for one of four Mainstage awards given out across Southern California.

MyShakespeare and the World Festival

I heard about this a little late (or simply forgot to look at it at first) but I wanted to point out that if you missed seeing the stuff catalogued in the MyShakespeare project, now is a good time to check it out.

The Theatre:  Digging Up History

This sounds exciting:

The London Borough of Hackney has received a planning application from the Belvedere Trust to create a six-storey building that would include a three-floor theatre and a display area for archaeological remains of the 16th century theatre that were discovered there.

The Theatre was the first purpose built location for performances in England and Shakespeare’s plays would have been performed there.  How exciting that a project might go there to honor that heritage.


Lastly, today, we come to a horrible story but one where you might be able to help catch the thief.

Former Shakespeare actress Yvonne Sherwell-Demakopoulos, 85, was coming home from a night out with friends on Saturday when the thug followed her into the elevator of her New York building.

The thief took her purse and her heirloom wedding ring.  Worse, she was only going out to take her mind off her ailing husband.  They have video of the mugging so if you know people in New York, spread the word and maybe this awful person will be caught or the ring returned to her.

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