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O What Fools | Foolery News for the Week of April 13, 2012

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Uh oh…looks like it’s the Friday the 13th edition of Foolery. Let’s hope nothing too scary happens…YIKES! Spoke too soon. No,no,no,no,no. Don’t look! Just carry on reading The Shakespeare Standard. I’ll tend to this…erm…unfortunate incident.

Oh, but before we get started, I wanted to give you this – just to help ward off any weird sisters.

Rub foot in case of unwarranted prophecy.

Monkeying around with the bard

Alright, I admit that I was sucked into including this article in this week’s edition for all the funny monkey pictures, but it also turns out to be a good read! 😉 Katie Hinde, an Evolutionary Biologist, recounts her experiences at SAA in Boston this year, and makes some fascinating parallels between chimp life and Shakespearean plot lines. Check it out! And if you had an opportunity to check out the Shakespeare and Primatology session offered at SAA this year, please do share with us below. I’m sure those of us who could not be in attendance (like myself *sigh*) would be intrigued to hear about your experience. Also, here’s some more fun primate-does-Shakespeare pictures!

Now, I’m not sure that Chewbacca qualifies as a primate exactly, but since I’m a Star Wars nerd too, and assume I’m not alone, I’m throwing this one in for good measure. 🙂

Black cats are unlucky, but Shakespeare tabby cats should be fine

I don’t get the LOLcat craze. I try. But I fail. Oh well, I have many shortcomings. I also seem to notice a trend of pairing kitties and Shakespeare. Is that just me? Does this suggest that more feline than canine fans are Shakespeareans? I think we should take a poll just to satiate my curiosity. Drop a line here or on Facebook to let us know what kind of pet you own, and I’ll get back to you with my results.* ‘Cause online polls are how research is done, ya’ll!

Oh, and here’s a lucky little Shakespeare kitteh just in case. Got to appease you Shakespearean cat owners out there. 😉

…or he would, ‘cept he don’t have thumbs

Shakespeare’s gone to the dogs

Wait! There may be hope for us Shakespearean dog owners yet, or at the very least, hope for some dogs who would like owners…who are also Shakespeare lovers (though I seriously doubt a dog is that discerning). Homeless dogs are featured in upcoming Baltimore area performances. The Baltimore Humane Society and The Shakespeare Factory are partnering up for several plays throughout the rest of the year. And bravo to them for such a partnership! Though it can really only mean trouble for suckers like me. If I saw a dog onstage in one of my favorite plays, I would have to adopt it immediately. I’m sure, being the keen man that he is, my husband will not allow me to attend such performances as we are already overflowing with creatures. But any of you out there in the Baltimore area who are looking for your next loyal furry friend should! And, please feel free to dress him/her up like this (costume by…

Shakespeare puppeh

Or like this one. You can even add your own snarky commentary!


*For the record, I’ve got three dogs and one horse (or maybe they’ve got me). Yes, I do actually love cats and have had many, but the husband is allergic.

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