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O What Fools | Foolery News for the Week of March 2, 2012

Hello, Foolery friends. Welcome to March! Let’s kick it off with a little March Madness for Shakespeare, shall we?

All a Twitter

I’m going to be checking out some fun Shakespeare related Twitter feeds from time to time, and today we’ll start with what I know best – porn. No! The Shakespeare Standard! Gosh, what do you take me for? Don’t answer that. Anyhoo, TSS is playing a good old fashioned favorite from my grad school days – what would Shakespeare name a porno? A Winter’s Tail has already been suggested. Share yours on Twitter with the hashtag #shakesporn or share in the comments section below!

Calling all Klingons in D.C.

If you’re in the D.C. metro area with a passion for Shakespeare and Star Trek, and your Klingon costume is just going to waste gathering dust in the closet, then you should head on out for the extras casting call for the annual Shakespeare in Klingon show. You do have to come to the audition in full costume. Full. Costume. Klingon undergarments are also important. Nah, I’m just jerkin’ your chain on that last part. We’ll leave the undergarments to #shakesporn.

Darn it! I won’t be able to attend the audition this year. I left all my latex make-up in my other purse. And I don’t think I’ll have time to brush up my Klingon Hamlet monologue.


Bard’s birthday parade

You know, I tell my husband every year that he should be throwing a parade for my birthday, and I have yet to see that parade. I guess I’m just not as cool as Shakespeare. Okay, I know that. Despite some fears that the celebration would be eliminated this year due to budget cuts, Shakespeare will continue to have a birthday parade in Stratford every year. Woohoo! This year will be especially exciting because this birthday (the 448th) coincides with the World Shakespeare Festival. With that convergence of Shakespeare energy, it will surely be like Mardi Gras for Shakespeareans! Except without the nudity. What an ass am I (#shakesporn).

Shakespeare at the Olympics

If you’re one of the lucky attendees of the 2012 London Olympics this summer, after a long day of gymnastics, dressage, and swimming, you may get a little surprise Shakespeare on the ride back to your hotel. Mark Rylance may pop up from a seat spouting Macbeth on the Underground as part of the cultural programming that will occur alongside Olympic festivities. If Shakespeare’s not your style (in which case I don’t know why you’re reading this), then you may also have a chance to see snippets of an opera written by a member of Monty Python. Of course, if Shakespeare United gets its way, then there will be more than the occasional Shakespearean sonnet during the Olympics – there will be an entire “national Shakespeare celebration”.

Word to the wise: if you’re in Covent Garden and a large smelly man accosts you with what sounds like pieces of Julius Caesar, that’s not Mark Rylance. That’s Fred – he’s a semi-indigent fellow that “performs” around there occasionally.

Pulp Shakespeare

Well, the title may not be overly creative, but the merger between Shakespeare and Pulp Fiction certainly is. It definitely took some creativity to think of squishing these two things together into a Pulp Shakespeare sandwich – and by “creativity” I mean drugs. (I jest, I’m sure this endeavor came about completely innocently and without the aid of illicit materials.) I confess that I am not a huge Tarantino fan, but I wouldn’t mind seeing somebody say “it’s the one that says bad mother f**ker” in pantaloons. The production, put on by Her Majesty’s Secret Players in LA, received some positive reviews at Hollywood Fringe. Have you seen it? Tell us about it in the comments section or pop by our Facebook page.


Hamlet, Facebook style

What if Hamlet were a Facebook newsfeed? Sarah Schmelling’s got the answer (and it’s brilliant).

Friday Funnies

We hope to make TSS original cartoons a regular feature of Foolery soon, but for now here’s one that’s not original to TSS, but that is quite original nonetheless. 🙂

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