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Hello, fellow fools for Shakespeare! Welcome to the multimedia edition of Foolery. Sounds glitzy, doesn’t it? Maybe you should put on some shades to protect your eyes from all the dazzle that’s about to happen. First up…

Shakespearean memes

Until recently all I knew a meme (Mimi) to be was Drew Carey’s nemesis on The Drew Carey Show. But these things have been flying around cyberspace like mashed potatoes in a food fight. Stupid me – I just referred to them as “whosiwhatsits that waste your time” or “doodads that clog up your Facebook feed,” (read: Caroline’s a curmudgeon who doesn’t know what’s down with the kids these days) but apparently, they have a name. And their name is meme. Surely some would have made the bard cry – and not with joy, but even I have to admit that some of them are pretty funny.

Good for a laugh. A cheesy one, but a laugh nonetheless.

Good for a laugh. A cheesy one, but a laugh nonetheless.

The thing about memes, though, is that once they go viral, they’re pretty hard to track in terms of the source. So, as far as we know, this bear may have been posing for his own…just so all my friends could post it all over Facebook for 5 days.

Cute, but not exactly hysterical.

Cute, but not exactly hysterical.

If you want to see a little mini collection of the things Shakespeare geeks like to post on Facebook, check out the Shakespeare memebase. I don’t get the Nickelback one…except that I assume it’s being mean to Nickelback, which I think we can all support.

And, speaking of Facebook, if you have friends like mine (and, I do not exclude myself, of course) the longest you can go without a reference to Shakespeare showing up on your newsfeed is about 48 hours. A search for Shakespeare on Failbook shows us that we’re not the only ones. Some of these totally made me LOL. That was first time I’ve ever used a text acronym. It felt weird. However, it seemed appropriate at the time…like so many other things in my life. Moving on! ;)

Friday Funnies

Shakespeare cartoons can be so good…or so so so bad. Kind of like productions of Hamlet. Or Romeo & Juliet. Or…you know, let’s just go ahead and say productions of Shakespeare’s plays. That should cover us. T. McCracken is hit or miss. I especially like his “The Bard sells out” comic on page 3, and his Henry VIII and his “prenuptial agreement” violation on page 2. McCracken’s comics are all available for purchase at fairly reasonable prices should you find yourself in need of a Shakespeare funny to indoctrinate, no introduce your 8th graders to Shakespeare. Off the mark has some cartoons that are good for that very same purpose. The selection isn’t as good, but the quality may be a touch better. I especially enjoy the “kingdom for a horse” comic.

365 days of Shakespeare has some funnies that are…well…funny. The two below I quite enjoyed, except that the one on the left hits just a little too close to home. I only laugh because I cry.










Quick! Here’s a happy comic to counteract the painful one about the schools.  Incidentally, I found this comic on a nifty little blog, Teaching Will: The Shakespeare Club. Those of you who are out there in the trenches, no, in the classrooms doing great work everyday may appreciate it.

And, one more for good measure. Some political Shakespeare.

from MadShakespeare.com

from MadShakespeare.com

Shakespeare on tape!

Pi day just passed us by, and in recognition of that I would like to share this interesting short on Shakespeare in Pi. Not pie. ‘Cause that would be Demetrius and Chiron.

Shout out to Lorel Shea, who recently shared an old video clip of the Beatles performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream with us on Facebook (see, I pay attention to you, readers :)). Well, it was too good not to be shared again with all of you. I mean, it’s the Beatles. And Shakespeare. Together.


And here’s another classic coming at you. The Rowan Atkinson/Hugh Laurie sketch, “A Small Rewrite”.

Last, but certainly not least – in fact quite the opposite – here’s a “Veterinarian’s Hospital” sketch from The Muppet Show where Shakespeare is prominently featured. :)




Of course, you’ve got to love some TSS merchandise. I know I do! Don’t you want to send us your photos of you in your TSS gear doing nerdy Shakespeare things so I can post it here on Fridays? Yes, yes, you do. So, send me some pictures already! :)

Beanforest on etsy(I’ve listed several other awesome etsy shops in the past) has some fantastic and often snarky pins to boast your lit nerdom (and plenty of other genres as well). And the creator is based in Grand Rapids, MI, which is awesome because I lived near there for awhile. So, when you buy this pin you will be helping an artist, the Michigan economy, AND you’ll look cool. No brainer.


Fools for Shakespeare

This week’s photo comes from Lauren Mignogno, a Delaware high school English teacher who does the good work of beating teenagers into submission until they love Shakespeare, NO, introducing tender young minds to Shakespeare so that they may appreciate his works (yes). Here, she’s getting a head start with her niece.

Early education

Early education



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