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O What Fools | Underwater Shakespeare, Elizabeth I comic, Technology and more | Foolery News for the Week of Oct 19, 2012

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Welcome to this week’s Foolery news!  Let’s get straight to the fun Shakespeare news from around the globe.

Diving In

Launce? Or Two Gentlemen of Verona? Or Petruchio?

This project by Tim Tadder, photographer, used actors from my area (the local university, University of San Diego) and had some really interesting results.  Each photo is of an actor portraying a Shakespeare character, but is taken underwater as the actor dives in (in character).

The photos are not clearly labeled but the list of characters portrayed is given so perhaps we should have a debate over which figure represents each character.  Heck, the portfolio lists some plays as if they are characters, so I think some of these are not easy to identify, although all are beautiful and strange to see.

Check them out in the link above but be sure to come back to The Shakespeare Standard here or on Facebook to tell us what you think.  And if you were doing such photos, what would you do??

Ben Rubin’s machine shows here “adjective AND adjective” combos

Shakespeare’s Language on Display

I wrote about this once before, but I still find it an interesting art project (while we are on the subject of art projects and Shakespeare).  This one is a machine which displays short snippets of Shakespeare’s words in thematic groupings.

Ben Rubin’s Shakespeare Machine makes us think about the way Shakespeare used his language and the repetition of certain structures. Shakespeare’s writing has been analyzed by many people over the years, but this project takes this analysis and makes it an art piece to be seen by everyone.  It can show us how accesible the language is, the power of his turn of phrase, and bring together different plays in new ways.  It is a nice intersection of technology, art, and drama.


Comic on Quiz for Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I from Hark! a Vagrant

“Hark! A Vagrant” is a slightly snarky literary webcomic which just released a “quiz” “about Elizabeth, for Elizabeth” which is supposed to be answered by her.  Naturally, the whole thing is a tongue-in-cheek joke that makes the most sense if you are fairly familiar with her history.  The more you know about the Virgin Queen, the more you might enjoy these jests:










Have a hankering to watch some good Shakespeare films?  Sounds like there a number in the works or about to come out.  Here’s a list of upcoming Shakespeare films or TV shows about to be released or in production.  I must say that I can hardly wait for some of these.  Are there any here that you are particularly looking forward to?  Tell us about it in the comments or on Facebook.

T-Shirts and Other Fun Stuff

As Christmas and other holiday gift giving opportunities approach, I wanted to remind all of you that every post here at The Shakespeare Standard ends with a link to our Store.  At our store you will find merchandise related to Shakespeare.

We’re working on bringing you more designs soon (including bringing back some old favorites we had for sale in the past).  We hope you will check out our store during the next few months and also if there is something particular that you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you.

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