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At The Shakespeare Standard, we know Shakespeare is a broad and thriving field. Four hundred years after his death, the Bard continues to command the attention of diverse communities: scholars, performers, educators, students, journalists, filmmakers, poets, and a host of other creatives. The Shakespeare Standard strives to celebrate the values and interests of these various groups and to initiate new discourses among them. We believe that online conversation can constitute a modern living playhouse, wherein ideas, images, discussion, debates, current events, arts, and individuals can forge a dynamic new community comprised of disparate parts. The Shakespeare Standard is thus committed to highlighting a great variety of Shakespeare news and views and to fostering discussion–both within the Anglosphere and, more broadly, around the globe. Join us in exploring and celebrating Shakespeare festivals, Shakespeare Theatre Association members, trends in scholarship, uses of Shakespeare in the classroom, and much, much more.
 We gladly invite you to explore Shakespeare and early modern drama through the lenses of scholarship, multimedia, web video, books, film, blogs, education and Shakespeare in the classroom, performance, foolery, global Shakespeares, and Shakespeare’s language.
We’re continually searching for Shakespeare Standard bloggers, curators, and writers to join us as lead voices in our endeavor. Want to submit Shakespeare news or reviews? Pitch us a story idea? Nominate someone for our Bardie Awards? We’re always anxious to hear from our readers and to recruit new contributors. Contact us at: editor@theshakespearestandard.com.


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