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This week’s podcast continues our two month-long discussion of All’s Well That Ends Well with some reviews of the video versions available for viewing, as well as some of the Android-platform Shakespeare-related apps.


Due to the length of this podcast, here’s a helpful list of bookmarks…

00:00 – begin podcast
00:26 – Opening
01:42 – BBC video review
04:33 – Shakespeare’s Globe video review
08:25 – app reviews intro
09:03 – The Sonnets app review
10:36 – Shakespeare Search app review
11:35 – Shakespeare app review
12:57 – Shakespeare Insult Generator app review
13:17 – FreePlay Shakespeare Quiz app review
14:15 – The Sonnet Project app review
15:31 – RE:Shakespeare app review
18:42 – Podcast close
20:25 – end podcast


15:45 – should be “app” not “film”
18:15 – should be “listener interface” not “listener face”

Podcast Credits

This podcast was recorded with the built-in microphone on an Acer Chromebook C720, using AudioRecorder from gideon.weissman ( The interview itself was recorded over a Samsung Galaxy 3 using ACR (Another Call Recorder) software by NLL. It was then edited in Adobe Audition Creative Cloud on a Dell Inspiron 3847 computer.

The bumper music (Loop 90) and the segue music (Morning Show Segue) are courtesy of Royalty Free, which offers a comprehensive music library of production music for your various royalty free music needs including full albums, tracks and free music clips, loops, and beats available for download.

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