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Politics, book reviews, and “that’s what she said”: language news in a grab bag. |Rhapsody of Words

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What’s going on with the use of language and how people think about it?

  • The Atlantic’s article on the rise and fall of “that’s what she said” a joke popularized through The Office and Saturday Night Live. Although the joke’s popularity peaked in 2010, the sexualized quip into everyday conversation certainly has roots that go back to Shakespeare and even Anglo-Saxon jokes.

  • This schoolteacher’s article on words and their coinage pokes at the common attribution of many words to Shakespeare which may have been common in his lifetime, though crediting him with great force and creativity.

  • An opinion piece for the New Yorker delves into “Breaking” out of one’s part onstage. Often perceived as an actor’s failure–and a practice Hamlet warns against in his advice to the players–a skilled actor’s break from his lines can be the best part of a show.

What about Shakespeare’s Language and Politics?

  • Matthew D’Ancona looks at the National Theater’s King Lear as a picture of the political life of Great Britain.

  • Billed as a “political power play,” San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’ production of Julius Caesar is coming to Reedley College.

Are there some adaptations of Shakespeare getting press this week?

  • Q Brothers from Chicago take their Othello Rap to Sydney.

Collaborative and contemporary plays are getting some attention?

  • The economist extols the virtues of The Globe’s new indoor theater, saying that this is how Shakespeare would have liked it, and praising the current production of Duchess of Malfi.

  • Kenneth Gross of the University of Rochester reviews Palgrave’s collection of Collaborative Plays by Shakespeare and others.

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