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Pop-Up Shakespeare | Shakespeare on the Isle of Wight

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This is part of an ongoing series of regional Shakespeare coverage. This is Hannah Brewer here this week with the latest in Shakespeare news from The Isle Of Wight.

Easier accessibility to the theatre has always been the main concern of Isle of Wight based theatre companies. Allowing communities to experience professional quality at affordable prices is necessary for the continuation of the Island arts scene.

As with anywhere, arts cuts, financial difficulty and a stigma of ignorance continues to battle against artists striving to produce and perform. The Isle of Wight is rallying against the setbacks and pushing forward to establish and maintain theatrical culture.

It is not only theatre groups who are beginning to understand the importance of theatrical perseverance: Ramshackle Cinema, a community based not-for-profit company have also added themselves to the ranks. Having obtained the rights to several of The Globe’s iconic productions, Ramshackle Cinema is bringing the very heart of Shakespeare to the little Isle throughout 2015.

Starting the series was The Globe’s 2013 revival of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Dominic Dromgoole. I went along and the sell-out event proved that once again there is a definite market for Shakespeare’s work on the Isle of Wight. It was wonderful to witness first-hand so much enjoyment and appreciation stem from the screening. An interval provided spectators with refreshments and a chance to discuss the performance.

Ramshackle should be commended firstly for bringing together a community in the name of theatre and secondly for bringing to that community a Shakespearian experience that otherwise might not have been possible.

Romantically screened over the Valentine’s weekend Dromgooles no-nonsense adaptation gave the audience a lot to think about. While I would still encourage ‘Islanders’ to view as much live theatre as possible, these screenings offer a perfect platform for community discussion on theatre.

Ramshackle Cinema will also show screenings of The Globe’s Love Labour’s Lost and As You Like It later this year.

For more information on Ramshackle Pop-Up Cinema, visit

Hannah Brewer

Author Hannah Brewer

Having graduated in 2012 with a degree in Performance Art, Hannah has directed for and performed with a variety of companies both island and mainland based. She has a particular interest in site specific theatre and constantly looks for new and exciting ways of presenting theatre.

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