Potterspeare: The Prologue

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    Enter DOBBY, center stage

DOBBY     A battle of blood deemed most engraved

in a time deprived of historic epos,

lived two wizards bound by ancestral fate,

two diviners severed by prophecy.

Evil hath plagued the one

to slay his intended usurper,

until untimely death commenced under base

and survival ruled the better other.

[he takes out a wand of ellhorn]

Henceforth, a battle most defined commenced,

in worlds unknown to mortal men,

where magic lain in common blood,

deemed unworthy by those of few.

Love, most treasure’d and splendored in reign

upholds hatred’s dark disdain,

for now this tale doth begin in scene,

where deeds of wicked prophecies have been.

[he bows, curtains rise]


Until Act I, Scene I is done!


Arielle Tipa



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