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By February 20, 2015 One Comment

All the foolery that’s fit to blog, right here in the Shakespeare Standard’s Fool’s Gold column.

In the category of Most Amazing Shakespeare News Ever, Except Maybe for That Recent First Folio Find Which, Let’s Admit, Was Pretty Good:

An all- pug version of Hamlet is coming to stage and screen.

That’s right: a version of Hamlet featuring loveable smushy-faced dogs.

Puglet: The All-Pug Hamlet

Puglet: The All-Pug Hamlet

“Pug-let: The First Ever All-Pug Production of Hamlet”


The project is the brainchild of Kevin Broccoli, who proposed the all-pug production on Kickstarter as a joke.


(Yes, I know that quote’s not from Hamlet.)

Now that the project is fully funded, Broccoli will bring the production to the stage, filming it for those of us who cannot attend.


The production of Hamlet will be cut down from the full five-hour running time. Broccoli plans for the pug’s owners to stand off stage, “directing” the dogs and speaking the lines.


An all-pug production of Hamlet is obviously the best news I can bring you this week.



However, I do find myself in need of an item that Shakespeare Geek posted about last week:

cookie cutter from BoeTech

cookie cutter from BoeTech

A Shakespeare cookie cutter! I need this immediately.

Duane, the Shakespeare Geek, was kind enough to post the link for purchasing the cookie cutter, which has been added to my list of Etsy favorites as of right now.

I’d also like to add, as a proud owner of several novelty cookie cutters, that if you really want to retain the detail of cookie cutters or a cookie press, leave the baking powder/leavening out of your favorite cookie recipe (aka “sweet biscuits” for you wacky Brits).

I highly recommend Duane’s Shakespeare Geek blog— check the archives, too, for great posts.


And since we are speaking of 1. animals playing Hamlet and 2. things from Etsy, I give you this hamster Hamlet:

Hamster Hamlet from Mythillogical

Hamster Hamlet from Mythillogical

This is NOT an actual taxidermied hamster, but needle-felted wool (the craftmanship is truly amazing).

It’s a custom item, so if you want one, you’ll need to plan several weeks ahead.

It is terribly cute though, isn’t it?



Remember: All that glisters is not gold!

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Sara Keeth is a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her current project is on maternal representation in Shakespeare's English history plays. She takes Shakespeare jokes very, very seriously.

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