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By March 17, 2016 No Comments

Today, we raise our lightsabers (and our glasses) to honor the late Terry Pratchett and Leonard Nimoy, and their relationships to Shakespeare.


Image: Michael Sloan/Yale Alumni Magazine

Image: Michael Sloan/Yale Alumni Magazine

This essay, “All the Disc’s a Stage,” on the late Terry Pratchett and Shakespeare is an excellent read. Maggie Cox gives us insight into Pratchett’s use of elements from Macbeth, Hamlet, and other plays throughout the Discworld novels. Cox shows how Pratchett plays with themes and characters, and his fairly extensive knowledge of the plays. As the saying goes, if you want to be a good writer (and Pratchett is a good writer), be a good reader.


In other fan tributes, Ian Doescher (author of the Shakespeare/Star Wars mashup book series) tweeted out a lovely sonnet in honor of the late Leonard Nimoy:


It’s a Shakespearean sonnet, written about a man who was on Star Trek, written by a man who mashes up Shakespeare and Star Wars. It’s too much, really.


But did you know that Leonard Nimoy could recite parts of Hamlet in Yiddish?

Now you do. There’s more information here on Open Culture’s tribute to Nimoy.


And here’s a bonus: We know Patrick Stewart has done Shakespeare many times.

But did you know he did it while in character on Star Trek: TNG?

Here’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard quoting Hamlet.

Cheers, then,  to Pratchett and Nimoy.

And remember: All that glisters is not gold.

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Sara Keeth is a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her current project is on maternal representation in Shakespeare's English history plays. She takes Shakespeare jokes very, very seriously.

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