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Welcome to The Scrivener! It’s Lindsay here this week with the latest in early modern scholarship. This time, we have several calls for papers and manuscripts, as well as notes about a postdoc opening in Montreal and a summer research seminar in Cambridge.

Calls for Papers

John Fletcher remains an understudied and underappreciated writer in early modern scholarship. However, by investigating Fletcher’s ideas and ideals, we can gain a significant understanding of Jacobean theatre practices and politics: his career virtually encompassed the entirety of the reign of James I, under whose patronage he worked as Shakespeare’s successor as the resident dramatist of the King’s Men. A conference entitled ‘John Fletcher: A Critical Reappraisal’ proposes to do just that. Paper abstracts are due by 9 January 2015, and the conference itself will be held at Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK from 26-27 June 2015. After the sessions in Canterbury, the conference will reconvene for a one-day event in Stratford-upon-Avon, where the Shakespeare Institute Players will perform a production of one of Fletcher’s plays. More details about this dynamic sounding conference can be found here.

Reappraising Fletcher and Other CFPs | The Scrivener shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare While research into early modern religious practice often focuses on institutions and public ceremonies, it is clear that the home played a profound role in shaping devotional experience during this era: as a place for religious instruction, private prayer and contemplation, communal worship, and the performance of everyday rituals. 7 January 2015 is the deadline to submit an abstract for ‘Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World, 1400-1800’, scheduled to take place from 9-11 July 2015 at the University of Cambridge. More information can be found here.

Although it is often acknowledged that early modern books were routinely read aloud, we know relatively little about this. A conference on ‘Voices and Books, 1500-1800’ invites contributions that explore the kind of evidence and research methods that might help us to recover this lost history. This event will take place from 16-18 July 2015 at Newcastle University and the City Library, Newcastle, UK. 16 January 2015 is the deadline to submit an abstract, and the full call can be found here.

Reappraising Fletcher and Other CFPs | The Scrivener shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare Intended to coincide with the interment of King Richard III, a one-day conference entitled ‘Richard III: Histories—Transformations—Afterlives’ is planned to take place on 25 March 2015 at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. You’ll find the call here, and proposals are due by 15 January 2015.

The Tudors are more popular now than ever before:  appropriations and representations of the Tudor and Elizabethan past are a major part of today’s culture. Their appeal is wide-ranging and varied, manifested among other things in the countless blog and special interest sites devoted to them online, and in the vast number of books published on various aspects of Tudor history and culture. A conference, scheduled to be held from 10-11 July 2015 at the University of South Wales in Treforest, aims to bring together scholars working in a variety of fields to encourage dialogue between different perspectives and methodologies when engaging with the question of ‘representing the Tudors’. Full information is available here, and proposals are due by 9 January 2015.

Authors and artists have been exploring how to read or record nature for thousands of years.The deadline has just been extended to 15 December 2014 to submit an abstract for an interdisciplinary conference on the topic ‘Reading the Books of Nature’. Hosted by La Sierra University in Riverside, California, this event will take place on 13 February 2015, and you can find more details here.

Take note: this call has a tight deadline. 8 December 2014 (tomorrow!) is the due date for graduate/postgraduate students and early career researchers to submit an abstract for ‘Facing the Frontier: Cultural Difference, Sovereignty, and Expansion in the Early Modern World’, which will be held at Durham University, UK on 16 March 2015. This one-day workshop seeks to broaden the interdisciplinary dialogue of cultural difference and expressions of sovereignty between 1492 and 1800, with a special focus on the effects of frontier experiences on how the home country responded to news and reports of these initiatives.

Reappraising Fletcher and Other CFPs | The Scrivener shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare

16 January 2015 is the deadline to submit an abstract for ‘Early Modern Catholics in the British Isles and Europe: Integration or Separation?’ Planned for 1-3 July 2015 in Ushaw College, Durham University, the aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to explore the degree to which early modern (c.1530 to 1800) Catholics in the British Isles were integrated with or separated from institutions, people and movements in Europe.  Full details are available here.

Also in Durham, a conference is being planned on ‘Cities and Citizens’, which will focus on the ways in which urban centres were perceived, experienced, understood and represented in the ‘long seventeenth century’ (c.1580-1720). You can read more about it here. Do note that the deadline for abstracts has been extended to 15 January 2015.

On 10-11 September 2015, a conference called ‘Poly-Olbion and the Writing of Britain’ will be held at the Royal Geographical Society, London. The conference will explore Michael Drayton’s Poly-Olbion within the wider context of early modern British discourses of space, place, nationhood, and regional identity. Abstracts (or full papers) are due by 5 January 2015, and the call is available online here.

Modern productions of classic literature have created new intersections between past and present. Recent productions on- and off-stage of Shakespeare have employed swimming pools, balloons, discothèques, and silly string. There’s currently a call out for participants in a panel called ‘Literature Adaptations: Remixing and Upcycling’, planned for the  Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies to be held at St. Louis University from 15-17 June 2015. Abstracts are due by 15 December 2014, and you can read the full call here. And remember: the general deadline to submit proposals for papers, sessions, and roundtables (on all topics and in all disciplines of medieval and early modern studies) for this Annual Symposium is 31 December 2014.

Reappraising Fletcher and Other CFPs | The Scrivener shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare Informed by current and ongoing discussions about the ‘crisis’ in the humanities, the Virginia Humanities Conference invites proposals for papers, panel sessions, performances, and other presentation modes that explore the role of ‘The Humanities in the Public Sphere’. This conference is scheduled to take place at  Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia from 10-11 April 2015. Submit panel proposals by 15 December 2014 and proposals for individual presentations by 30 January 2015. More details are online here.

The English Department at the University of North Alabama English Department has announced ‘Streams of Consciousness: Water, Sound, Land, Text’ as the title of its Annual Graduate Conference, which will take place from 27-28 February 2015 in Florence, Alabama. Abstracts are sought from graduate/postgraduate students for papers that relate water, sound, land, place, or music to language, literature, or other media. Submit yours no later than 1 January 2015, and read the full call here.

How do we understand exteriors in literature? 4 January Reappraising Fletcher and Other CFPs | The Scrivener shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare 2015 is the deadline for graduate/postgraduate students to submit an abstract for ‘Literary Exteriors’, which will be held on 12 February 2015 at Boston College. This conference will focus on exteriors in an effort to uncover, somewhat paradoxically, the depths of the surface, and you can read more about it here.

Song is arguably the most ubiquitous of human art forms. Yet song does not amount simply to the discursive content of its lyrics, nor to its purely musical setting. It is perhaps this irreducible quality of song, its defiance of traditional academic categorization that has led to its relative intellectual neglect. A graduate/postgraduate conference set to take place from 17-18 April 2015 at Yale University in Connecticut seeks to redress this critical oversight. Abstracts are due by 20 December 2014, and more details can be found here.

Calls for Manuscripts

For its inaugural issue, Angles: French Perspectives on the Anglophone World welcomes original proposals inspired by the celebrated Shakespearean aphorism: ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’. In addition to traditional academic articles, Angles accepts scholarly contributions inElizabeth_I_in_Parliament non-traditional forms (documentary film, short story, comic book, manifesto, pamphlet, etc.). Abstracts are due no later than 15 December 2014, and you can read the full call here.

15 January 2015 is the deadline to submit an abstract for an edited collection provisionally entitled Queenship and Counsel in the Early Modern World. This collection attempts to highlight the ways in which queenship and counsel were negotiated and represented throughout the early modern age (1400-1800). Advice-giving was one of the most prevalent topics in early modern political discourse, but was often limited to the interaction between a male monarch and his male councillors. Queenship and counsel thus posed a potential problem for early modern political theory and practice. More information is available here.

The Journal of the Northern Renaissance is calling for submissions for an open-themed issue on any aspect of the cultural practice of Northern Europe in the period circa 1430-1650. Contributions are particularly invited that explore alternative cultural geographies, challenge existing conceptualisations and periodisations of the Renaissance in the North, and/or establish continuities and ruptures with earlier and later epochs. 1 January 2015 is the manuscript submission deadline, and you can read more information here.

Ugliness is a pejorative marker for bodies, things, and feelings that fall beyond or outside the limits of acceptability. On the Politics of Ugliness seeks to provide the first anthology that centralizes ugliness as a political category. Contributions are sought that will center the politics of ugliness as it relates to bodies, feelings, gestures, habits, things, spaces, sounds, intimacies and their operations alongside ability, race, gender, class, sexuality, body size, age, health, or animality. The deadline to propose a chapter for this edited collection 15 January 2015, and you’ll find more details here.

Reappraising Fletcher and Other CFPs | The Scrivener shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare While the late 14th c French prose romance by Jean d’Arras arguably remains the earliest and most-translated version of the story of Melusine—in which he envisions her as a foundress of the powerful Lusignan family—the figure of the fairy woman cursed with a half-human, half-serpent form traveled widely through the legends of medieval and early modern Europe. Contributions are currently being sought for an edited volume of essays that will examine the impact and legacy of the figure of Melusine in art, history, literature, and fields beyond. Proposals are due by 6 January 2015, and the full call can be found here.

20 January 2015 is the deadline to submit completed manuscripts to New England Theatre Journal for consideration in its 2015 edition. New England Theatre Journal is concerned with advancing the study and practice of theatre and drama by printing articles of the highest quality on a broad range of subjects, including traditional scholarship, performance theory, pedagogy, and articles on theatre performance, design, and technology. More details are available here.


The Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas at McGill University seeks a Postdoctoral Fellow in Studies in Early Modern Europe with a demonstrable research interest in the public life of arts and ideas. The Fellow will join ‘Early Modern Conversions: Religions, Cultures, Cognitive Ecologies’, an international, interdisciplinary project  that studies how early modern Europeans changed their confessional, social, political, and even sexual identities. More information can be found here, and the application deadline is 5 January 2015.

Summer Research Seminar

Reappraising Fletcher and Other CFPs | The Scrivener shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare ‘Early Modern Cross-Cultural Conversions’ will be held at the University of Cambridge from 28 June to 26 July 2015. Doctoral students in their final year, postdocs, and junior faculty are invited to apply to take part in this month-long seminar, which will address the theme of conversion by focusing on the mobility of people, things, and forms of knowledge across religious, social, and geographical boundaries. By exploring cross-cultural interaction in cosmopolitan centers, across regions, and across bodies of water, the seminar will explore conversion not only as a religious phenomenon but also as a form of early modern imagination and thinking. More details are available here, and applications are due by 15 December 2014.


That’s all for this week. As always, thanks for reading! If you have a cfp or other scholarly news that you think would be of interest to our readership, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach the Scholarship Editors at

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