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Greetings and welcome to TSS and the Scrivener, your place for the latest news in Shakespeare scholarship. There are several great new calls for papers and conferences that have passed across the Scrivener’s desk, so let’s get to it!

Making the Early Modern

The Scrivener | Early Modern Women, UCSB shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare The Early Modern Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara invites proposals for their conference on “Making, Unmaking, and Remaking the Early Modern Era: 1500-1800.” From the call:

We seek to explore the various kinds and forms of making. From manufacturing a sheet of paper, to printing a ballad, to conducting an experiment, to producing a play, to fashioning an identity, to consolidating a monarchical and political body, this conference is broadly interested in the concept of early modern making. Yet, while making offers a model of potential–we can make all manner of subjects and objects–it also gestures towards fixity and boundaries–things are made in certain ways for certain purposes, necessarily limited by design. We are interested in exploring: What are the factors and who are the human and non-human actors implicated in making? How does learning about the processes and materials of making offer new insights into the final product? What is the value in conceptualizing the formation of texts, artifacts, ideas, governments? We encourage papers that actively engage these questions and issues.

More information is available here.

Digital Humanities

The Scrivener | Early Modern Women, UCSB shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare The organizers of a panel at the 2015 HASTAC conference is looking for participants. This panel seeks to bring together scholars working at the intersection of Technology and Classical/Medieval/Renaissance Studies. Per the announcement:

Exploring digital projects done in conjunction with humanities work in the pre- and early modern periods, panelists will discuss their work or work-in-progress in terms of technical and traditional methodologies, as well as consider how this work is indicative of the changing nature of humanities scholarship. Projects can range from traditional scholarship to pedagogical projects that are carried out in relevant classes or workshops.

The full call is available here.

Attending to Early Modern Woman

Taking as its inspiration the fact that 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the first Attending to Early Modern Women conference, the ninth conference, “It’s About Time,” will focus on time and its passing, allowing us to archive our achievements, reflect on the humanities in the world today, and shape future directions in scholarship and teaching.

The Scrivener | Early Modern Women, UCSB shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare Can we trace gendered and embodied temporalities? How did time structure early modern lives, and the textual and material commemorations of those lives? In what ways do categories of difference condition understandings of time? How do contemporary and early modern conceptions of time inform our work as scholars and teachers?

Proposals for workshops that consider these questions in relationship to the following topics are welcome:
Taxonomies of Time
Categories of time; turning points; teleology; Pre- and post-; periodicity and periodization; time as defined by science and other cultures of learning; the idea of “the modern” and the “early modern”
Memory and remembrances; life-writing, biography, and autobiography; monuments; portraits; legacies; genealogies; origin stories; rituals; narratives; reception across time
Women’s and men’s experiences of time; embodied frameworks of time; timelessness; instruments of time; tempo; speed-ups and slow-downs; metaphors of time; queering time; futurity; appearances and disappearances; changing velocities of history
Changes and continuities in teaching; time as a pedagogical tool; presentism among students and the public; time and technology

More information, as well as submission guidelines, can be found here.

Thanks for reading The Scrivener @ TSS. We are an all-volunteer troupe here at The Shakespeare Standard, and always welcome your financial support.

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