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Seeing Shakespeare LIve | Must See Theatre

By February 12, 2014 No Comments


Bardophiles and Shakespeareans have a royal ally. According to the Duchess of Cornwall people need to see Shakespeare live to get it. I can honestly say that I completely understand that sentiment. Seeing Shakespeare live is the best way to see not only because Shakespeare is always better. But in Shakespeare the unexpected could happen. Things could fall down, sets could break, entrances can be missed and cues could be skipped. I remember one show I saw. I think it was Macbeth- Macbeth skipped an entire scene in an act and then 10 minutes later that same scene was actually put in- which confused everyone in the audience but me. I had a hard time not laughing because I was the only one who caught it. People around me kept wondering  why I kept sniggering, but for fear of actually laughing I just shook my head and told them to watch the show.

In another instance of live Shakespeare, and this one I think our editor in chief will remember, but during my time in college the Waldorf College Theatre Department saw the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company perform at I believe it was at Mankato State and they had a foam noodle break on them during a comedic fight that they had planned during one show of Taming of the Shrew when it wasn’t supposed to leading to one of the funniest ad libbed lines that was not Shakespearean- Uh Oh I’ve gone limp. Hence why I am agreeing with The Duchess of Cornwall.

The Duchess also brings up a better point in this article. She says she has only fully appreciated Shakespeare after seeing his works performed in Stratford-upon-Avon. She also says that children would believe the Shakespeare’s plays are “not going to be very interesting” if they were to just be read.

So like the Duchess I am advocating if you want your kid to understand Shakespeare and appreciate it have them see it live. It may change their life.

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