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Bringing you all that glisters, whether it’s gold or no.

In case you wanted to send Shakespeare-themed valentines this year, the Folger library has you covered. They are working on the 2015 Valentines, but until then, check out their 2014 Valentines. The Folger Valentines are not currently downloadable, but it appears that the 2015 set will be available soon. I do tend to chuckle when people quote Polonius… (remember, the whole “Doubt that the stars are fire” is Polonius reading what is supposed to be a letter from Hamlet, but who knows?) Context, folks. It’s all about context. Be like Cher from Clueless, and know who said what:


Get an exclusive peek at the new Star Wars/Shakespeare book from Quirk books over on CNET. William Shakespeare’s The Phantom of Menace will be released for sale on April 7, making it the fourth of Ian Doescher’s Shakespearean “Star Wars” parodies from Quirk Books. Have you read any of these? I saw them in the bookstore, but haven’t brought one home to peruse it at leisure. I love Shakespeare (obviously), and also love Star Wars, but just haven’t gotten too far into Doescher’s mashups. And, of course, I wish I’d thought of it.

These kids liked Doescher’s work so much that they staged the Cantina scene! If you read the comments, you’s see that 1. Doescher saw the video and loved it, and 2. The kids did all the directing and costuming.

Kids performing Wiliam Shakespeare’s Star Wars: it’s so, so great. Enjoy.


A few tweets that made me chuckle this week:




VENN SHALL WE? I’m cracking up every time I read this.


Finally, this week I came across this little Shakespeare sculpture by Max Gyllanhaal. It’s handmade! It holds your pencil! And you’re supporting an artist. Read more about Max and his artwork here.

Zortz sculpture by Max Gyllanhaal at

Zortz sculpture by Max Gyllanhaal at

I want it.

Remember, all that glisters is not gold!

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Sara Keeth is a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her current project is on maternal representation in Shakespeare's English history plays. She takes Shakespeare jokes very, very seriously.

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