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From divers to gaming via. lists and quizzes. That’s right it’s the latest foolery column which sees us catching up on all the funny Shakespeare news and keeping track of where he’s popped up in unusual places lately.

Not to spoil the magic of Tom Daley releasing his wedding photos but wondering how long it is before someone points out to him that the balcony scene he enacted at his wedding (as he called forth his Romeo) wasn’t actually in the original play? Sorry folks.. Yep, really. Don’t believe me, here’s the balcony origin story. But then, of course, it emerged that the Sun newspaper had totally misinterpreted someone yelling in a car-park for the re-enactment. A mis-Shakespeare if you will.

‘Tis the season for Shakespeare lists and votes, synonymous with Shakespeare’s Birthday it seems. Telegraph writers consider which are Shakespeare’s greatest characters in a narrowed down list of 25. See if you agree, and do write in here with your favourites and why. See if you agree with the explanations in this article too, for instance is Hal really just slumming it with Falstaff in Henry IV part 1, isn’t he enjoying it even in Henry IV part 2?! Comment below with your thoughts. While over at What’s On Stage, votes were cast as to who are the best lovers of Shakespeare’s canon. Spoiler alert, Beatrice and Benedick won out. A least a slightly more cheerful than the Romeo and Juliet who often top such votes!

It wouldn’t be a foolery column without at least one quiz, right? Here’s a fiendishly tricky What on Earth? Shakespeare quiz, see how you get on and how good your Shakespeare knowledge really is.

Are you ready for some jokes you can geek out at? Look no further than the ultimate Shakespeare nerd fest of this post from Buzzfeed including the sass of Juliet (9), the lesser know fresh prince of Denmark (14), and Shakespeare less than perfect dating tips (16).

You might have missed it, but the 23rd of April was official talk-like-Shakespeare-day. If you missed it, your penance is to do it tomorrow. Fear not, this post will help you with the basics. Let me know how Bard-ass you are as you spend a day living Shakespeare-style.

Exaggerated gestures, Shakespeare and virtual gaming. Perhaps not things you’d expect in the same sentence. But the new ‘Play the Knave’ game combines all three and see’s players acting out Shakespeare on and off screen. With options to choose costume, play and stage. Watch this video all about it here and catch a version of Macbeth using the new technology.

That’s all for now folks. Until next time keep foolin’ around, Shakespeare style!

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