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Shakespeare-In-Hospitals Sustains Through 2020 | Shakespeare in Toronto

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This is part of an ongoing series of regional Shakespeare coverage. It’s Tori here with the latest in Shakespeare news from Toronto.

ONLINE, ONT- This theatre company may have the longest road to return to performing, so they are hustling hard.

After a year of allocating funds and pivoting work to other projects, the Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective (SOTMSC) is returning to fundraise for labour, training and research to rebuild their staple show: The Shakespeare-In-Hospitals program will need to be refitted to a post-covid world in 2021/2022. In order to do so, the company is rallying the community in an online crowdfunder to raise $5000 with From December 1st-31st 2020.
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Vaccines being only part of the equation to performing at bedsides once again, this company is seeking to fund the labour to ask health care professionals and facilities the plethora of other integral developing questions involved, including those surrounding timeline, population, hygiene precautions and security protocol. A portion of this will also be dedicated to continuing their Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism training throughout the year and ask important questions of their creative practice.

All of these questions have been on the world’s mind since the start of the pandemic and continue to shift daily. With an established timeline for vaccines, there is hope to construct a drawn-out timeline for the program’s eventual return, much later than that of most theatre spaces. Of course, few of these questions will receive answers until vaccines are delivered, which are currently being speculated by government officials as early as the end of December 2020 and as late as March 2021.

In the meantime, the SOTMSC is asking their regular theatre-goers to consider donating the amount that they would spend on tickets to their events over the year (ranging $25-$100) and a special option for larger donors ($500+). Raising almost $1000 in the first few days, the company is hopeful to sustain their existence and work for the work ahead.

“The Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective combines classical and contemporary text and performance to combat isolation in communities…” says Victoria Urquhart, Artistic Director. “…Right now, the entire world is in isolation. We have spent the past few months examining what we can do here and now, it’s time to start building for the future.”

The campaign, Help Sustain The SOTMSC runs December 1st-31st 2020

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