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Welcome back to The Scrivener. It’s Lindsay here this week with the latest news in early modern scholarship. Up this time, we have an international array of CFPs on topics ranging from Shakespeare in Latin America to Roger Ascham. There’s also a call out for contributions fora volume on ‘Early Modern Trauma’, as well as news of a postgraduate/graduate student prize from the Malone Society. Read on for full details!


Calls for Papers

On 1-2 September 2016, the Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile will be holding an international conference on ‘Shakespeare 400: Reception, Transmission and Recreation of his Legacy in Latin America’. This event aims to bring together scholars working on the presence of Shakespeare’s works within the Latin American canon (in the existing tradition of translating his plays and poems by writers, poets, and academics, or in the re-writing and adaptation for performance). Abstracts are due 22 April 2016. More information can be found here.

What was a life in early modern England and Europe? What patterns and templates were used to sort, sift, organise and represent experience? How were models for a life produced and reworked? How was a life evaluated, in terms of various sorts of good — moral, spiritual, civic, familial, economic? What were the moments, and what were the processes, by which a representation of a life was circulated? 25 April 2016 is the deadline to submit an abstract for ‘The Idea of a Life, 1500-1700’. The Centre for Early Modern Studies at Oxford University will host this event on 17 June 2016. Full information can be found here.

Roger Ascham is a figure familiar to early modernists in the fields of English Literature and History. Often classified as ‘a great mid-Tudor humanist’, he is best known for his role as tutor to Elizabeth I. A two-day conference will be held on 9-10 September 2016 at St John’s College, Cambridge to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Ascham’s birth. The aim of this conference is to broaden and deepen our knowledge of Ascham. It encourages new perspectives on his more familiar works, but also aims to shift the focus to texts that have garnered less attention over the years. Abstracts are due by 15 May 2016, and fuller information can be found here.

Gender is a powerful and flexible analytical tool that has profoundly influenced scholarship over the past few decades. It is widely recognised as a necessary category of analysis; and exciting opportunities to integrate it more fully into scholarly practice continue to emerge. This conference applies gender theories, concepts and methodologies to uncover and explore dynamic, new perspectives on the medieval and early modern. ‘Gender Worlds, 500-1800: New Perspectives’ wil take place at The University of Western Australia on 8 October 2016. You’ll find more details here, and abstracts are due by 1 May 2016.

‘Renaissance(s)’ is the topic of a conference slated to be held in Podgorica, Montenegro from 15-16 September 2016. The plurality of the title is meant to be an invitation to prospective attendees to explore various approaches and interpretations other than the obvious. The deadline for abstract submissions is 1 May 2016, and full details are available here.

Calls for Manuscripts

Preliminary paper proposals are invited for a projected volume on ‘Early Modern Trauma’. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the narration, treatment, and/or attempts to name and conceptualise psychological wounds, as well as the ways in which trauma can shape both individual and collective memory. The editors also encourage (interdisciplinary) proposals that explore the methodology of applying modern traumatology to an early modern context. Additional topics may include: combat-related trauma; multigenerational legacies of trauma; exile; slavery; healing and recovery; environmental devastation; witnessing; and commemoration/memorialisation. Finally, the editors welcome proposals that explore the potential impact of developing the area of early modern trauma studies for the fields of traumatology and early modern studies. 1 May 2016 is the deadline for the submission of proposals, and the full call can be found here.

Postgraduate/Graduate Student Prize

Postgraduate/graduate students who are currently working on any aspect of early modern English drama and using the Malone Society’s volumes as part of their research projects are warmly invited to apply for the John Edward Kerry Prize. The winner of this competition will receive 30 Malone Society volumes and a year’s free membership, which includes three complimentary volumes to be chosen from our backlist together with our current volume. The application deadline is 23 April 2016, and full details can be found here.


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