By Mya Gosling

Consulting pocket dramaturg:    Kate Pitt

Just over six years ago I drew a series of bingo cards for each of Shakespeare’s major genres. They weren’t perfect; for starters, they were a 4×4 grid instead of the standards 5×5 grid. So, to celebrate Shakespeare’s birth month, I decided not only to give them the old “remastering” treatment, but also to team up with my pocket dramaturg, Kate Pitt, to add nine extra squares per card. Print them out and bring them to the next Shakespeare play you see!

Consulting pocket dramaturg: Kate Pitt

Here’s the original:


I keep picking things to “remaster” with the idea that they will be quicker and easier to do than original comics, to give me some time to work on other projects. I keep being proven wrong.

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It’s Shakespeare’s birth month, and you know what that means… lots of random online events celebrating Shakespeare! I’m excited to be a part of Hark Journal’s birthday celebration this year.

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