Shakespirit: ENG 243 and In Which Arielle Realizes She is Currently in Her Last Semester as a College Junior

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A harrowing week, I should say it was, as every first week of a new semester is endowed with by forces known or unknown to us mortals. After another sweltering summer had passed, it was time for more parking space crusades, more sleep-deprived nights, more theses of novel proportions and more calorie-burning in between classes.

Following an unbearable amount of optical fixation on my computer screen, I was rewarded in the end by getting the classes I so needed (damn those DEC requirements). One class I am happily taking (among five) is ENG 204, titled “Shakespeare: The Major Works”, also a requirement for my minor in English. My professor is a sweet, short-haired Danish woman who wore this shirt during the introductory class. Looking around the room, I noticed that very few students had already picked up the required text, The Norton ShakespeareAs the professor was enthusiastically explaining the course description, it suddenly hit me like the 3, 419-paged copy of The Norton Shakespeare itself-

This is my last semester as a junior.

After entering this life-altering realization with a glazed stare and minor arrhythmia, I focused my attention back onto the syllabus. First on the reading schedule was Richard III, which I am currently reading and will be writing a review in the near future. Other required readings include As You Like It, Macbeth, The Tempest, The Taming of the Shrew, and various selected Sonnets. Of course, these readings come with their fair share of quizzes and numerous papers (*cracks knuckles*). The professor also gladly invited any of us during office hours for some Shakespearean conversations and such.

If I ever stop by her office eventually, our first conversation would probably be like this:


Here’s to another semester of caffeine-induced eye spasms and semi all-nighters!


Arielle Tipa

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