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It’s a Small World After All | Shakespeare Voices Post

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It's a Small World After All | Shakespeare Voices Post shakespeare news The Shakespeare Standard shakespeare plays list play shakespeare In this week's Voices Steven, filling in for Krystal, explores how Shakespeare can impact and interact with us in small ways too.

Today was an interesting day for me. For those who do not know I am currently serving in the AmeriCorps. Today was one of our few work group days for this year and even now I am still kind of in shock as to how Shakespeare impacted me today. It is because of a chance meeting with a person. The person I am talking about is a lady by the name of Sandie. She is a very sweet lady, and what was most interesting about today is that I was not expecting Shakespeare to interact with my life in this way.

What am I talking about you may ask? It has to do with  our morning session with her at our training day. It was a normal day and we had just met everyone and then the session started with the usual introductions because when we got to Sandie I learned that she had been a theatre major in college-which I found to be pretty neat.

Yet, it was at the end of the session as we were all leaving that I truly found out something very cool. Sandie had actually worked for The American Shakespeare Center in Stauton Virginia. She even knew of Mary Baldwin College -the college that many of our editors are alumni of. I was sort of floored. Here was this woman in Des Moines who works for the same organization I do,and she used to volunteer and then work for one of the premier Shakespeare companies in the country-if not the most premier Shakespeare company in the world. I was literally in amazement.

Why is all of this relevant? It is relevant simply because it is an example that shows that Shakespeare can impact or interact with us in very small ways too versus the big ways-the productions, the conferences, etc. When I was at my training yesterday I had no idea about Sandie’s past with the ASC. So it just goes to show you- not only can you have big interactions with Shakespeare, but you can have small ones as well. That is something I think all of us have to keep in mind for the future.


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Steven has been with The Shakespeare Standard since its inception in 2009. He has had an interest in Shakespeare since acting in A Midsummer Night's Dream in college. You can reach him directly at He currently works as an editor for Foolery with the column of MEMEnto Merry.

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