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Spur of the Moment Shakespeare Collective Announce Their Homecoming Gala| Shakespeare in Toronto

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This is part of an ongoing series of regional Shakespeare coverage. It’s Tori here with the latest in Shakespeare news from Toronto.

TORONTO, ONT- After three months of touring to various hospitals, hospices, shelters and senior residences, the Shakespeare-In-Hospitals 2018 Program is bringing its artists home to the Coleman-Lemieux Citadel Theatre (304 Parliament Street) with their Homecoming Gala—a financially accessible celebration of how we decide on Home.
For some, visits to the hospital mean leaving Home for a long time. For others, Home is not a location, but a person, or a feeling they share. Join us as we close this journey with scenes of who we are and stories from our experiences performing in hospitals.
The night’s lineup of artists includes Factory Theatre star Chanakya Mukherjee (fresh off of his debut performance in The Men In White) Netflix stars Andrea Cabeza and Cora Matheson (Ponysitters Club) regional theatre regulars Mark Kreder (4th Line Theatre’s Crow Hill: The Telephone Play) and Sharmilla Dey (NorthWest Theatre Company’s Alice In Wonderland) and led by a mix of collaborative directors including Indie Fringe stars Ara Glenn-Johansen (Flooded) and Alexander Franks (The Ties That Bind And Gag). This unique combination of artists promises to shake up Toronto’s definition of Shakespeare while exploring what it means to heal. Together they will showcase their touring piece Home Is Just Another Name For You, written by the curator Victoria Urquhart.
Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres will start out the evening at 7:00PM. Red carpet photos will be available throughout with a performance from the 2018 program and dancing to follow, helped into being by the Ontario Arts Council and Amsterdam Brewery. Close out the year with class in a semi-formal soiree fit for all.
Pay-What-You-Can-Afford ($15-$100)
Purchase tickets online at :
Cocktails and Hors D’ouevres @ 7 pm
Performances @ 8 pm
Dancing to follow
All proceeds go toward the Shakespeare-In-Hospitals 2018 Program
Follow us:
Instagram/Twitter: @Shakespur
Facebook: Spur of The Moment Shakespeare Collective
Event page (for behind the scenes videos and photos of hospital visits and contests):
Youtube: TheShakespur
*This production is a part of an Artist Collective Policy through the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

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