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At The Shakespeare Standard, we thrive on news, photos, videos, and reviews submitted from the wider community of Shakespeare companies, scholars, artists, and fans. You can submit your stories directly to TSS simply by completing the form above. We’ll publish your story once one of our editors has had a chance to review it and provided it meets our editorial standards.

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Contributors are not compensated for their contributions. All contributions shall be sent with no expectations of compensation, except where otherwise and expressly noted.

By submitting articles and images to TSS, you are stating that you are the author of the work or have proper permissions to use the work. You are also stating that TSS will be held harmless of any and all actions resulting from copyright infringement which may arise from publishing work or images that you falsely take credit for.

TSS does not publish material relating to claims that Shakespeare was not really Shakespeare, or not the author of the plays commonly attributed to him and his collaborators, or secret conspiracy theories, or secret Shakespeare codes, or any other form of detectable quackery. Save yourself and us the hassle: don’t submit this junk.

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