By Jen Czechowski

Okay, so maybe the road trip was a bit much, but you still need something to whet your appetite for Shakespeare until King Lear opens in September. How about a food tour of Fayetteville inspired by our upcoming season?

King Lear: The Blind Pig

Blindness is thematically important in King Lear. Ponder that while you have some barbecue from this fantastic Fayetteville food truck.

A Midsummer Night’s Lit: Huske Hardware House

A boozy romp calls for a brewery with a well-appointed bar.

Behold: Fred Chason’s Grandsons

Behold, our folk Christmas cantata, is becoming a family tradition. What local restaurant embodies family and tradition better than Grandsons?

Songs for a New World: Thai Pepper

Sweet Tea’s first musical is all about the moment of decision, and what decision can be more fraught than what to order? Spare yourself the agita and enjoy the buffet at Thai Pepper. Save your emotional energy for the decisions that really matter.

Jane Eyre: Fayetteville Pie Company

What could be more appropriate for a classic of British literature than that Anglophile’s dream, the savory pie? And, just like the play, you can (and should) end with something sweet.

Pericles: 316 Oyster Bar

Shipwreck. Seafood. Of course.

The Tempest: Habana

The Tempest takes place on an island, so enjoy the cuisine of an island nation.

So order dinner, then order season tickets. See you at a show!

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