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This week it was announced that the man we know best as the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, is set to perform in a production of Othello. His spy skills may well come in handy, as he’s playing Iago. I don’t imagine they’ll be many Vesper Matinis, though he’ll certainly be shaking and stirring up the action. Othello will be played by David Oyelowo who you may know from his role as Henry VI in the RSC’s This England: The Histories or on the big screen for his roles in The Butler, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Selma to name just a few. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this production of Othello.

In case you haven’t heard, Pop Sonnets have recently released a book of 100 of their sonnets. It’s where pop-songs meet Shakespearean sonnets. Read more about that here.

Because it wouldn’t be a foolery column without a Shakespeare quiz (or two), this week get your fix with this Julius Caesar themed quiz. Test your knowledge of the play with a fill-the-blank quotation quiz. Like that famous quotation:

And some that smile have in their undies, I fear, millions of ants.

No? Ok, see if you can do any better, smarty pants!

Have you always wondered which bloke from Shakespeare’s canon you should date? Wonder no longer. This quiz will give you a watertight answer. Although, it may not be the answer you expected. Bizarrely, I got Prospero, I blame picking pizza over steak for my final meal.

Are you into rap? Even if you’re not, chances are you’ve heard of Professor Green (no, not that bloke in your faculty–unless he also frequents nightclubs to give gigs!). Recently, he’s teamed up with the RSC, but before that his Shakespeare knowledge was limited to Romeo and Juliet. He’s now working with the RSC on their Shakespeare Samsung App which is called RE:Shakespeare. It even saw him bursting in on a group of secondary school kids. You can watch that moment here and find out more about the App.

That’s all for now folks, but until next time keep foolin’ around – Shakespeare style!

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Sarah Waters is a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University, England where she is currently researching female melancholia in the early modern period (as presented in Shakespearean and early modern drama and proto-medical treatises) and contemporary female depression. She is interested in all things Shakespeare related, particularly contemporary Shakespeare adaptation and appropriation.

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