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By August 30, 2013 No Comments

I’m going to let the visuals do most of the talking this month, by featuring one of the most interesting meldings of tech-art and Shakespeare over the past year or so, sculptor Ben Rubin’s installation entitled “Shakespeare Machine.”

A project 5 years in the making, the piece spreads 37 led screens in a fan-like array, displaying bits of text and phrases from Shakespeare’s works in never-ending — and, most intriguing, never repeating — combinations. As Rubin put it in an interview with ArtInfo magazine just before the installation was unveiled, the design highlights the way that each phrase “is like a strand of DNA,” each a delicate but necessary piece in the textual anatomy of Shakespeare’s works.

The piece was unveiled as a fixture in the lobby of New York’s Public Theater last year. Further details and a photo gallery of the installation as it was designed and built are available via the EAR Studio website.

I highly recommend this brief but fascinating video, which gives a little bit of a sense of the physical presence of the installation:

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