The Shakespeare Standard: An Overview

Shakespeare is a broad field comprised of multiple, and more often than we’d like, disparate, communities — scholarship, performance, education, media, pop culture, and modern language to name a few. The mission of The Shakespeare Standard is to foster and celebrate these communities online, and to drive the conversation among these communities and their members, believing that this conversation will constitute a modern living playhouse, where ideas, images, discussion, debates, current events, arts, and individuals forge a new and emerging community comprised of the disparate parts.


The Shakespeare Standard seeks to be the center of Shakespeare community and conversation on the web.

Core Values

  • Good humor
  • Provocative engagement
  • Responsiveness
  • An aversion to snobbery

What we aim to provide:

  • Giving equal footing to a variety of responses to Shakespeare
  • Stimulating and/or provoking meaningful and useful discussion
  • Good humor
  • Responsive news sharing
  • Posting high-profile news items in Shakespeare
  • Fresh, original conversation about current events and ongoing issues in Shakespeare
  • Good humored, provocative conversation starters
  • Opportunities and tools for you to share your own work — a news release, production photos, calendar events, videos, essays
  • Integration with your favorite social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Regular, monitored posting of news items on social media platforms so you can get the very latest in Shakespeare news
  • Online discussion forums

What we plan to provide:

  • Regular essay features
  • Regular newsletter
  • Regular podcasts and vlogs
  • Online conferences
  • An online, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal
  • Possible crowd-sourcing initiatives

About our Staff

The Shakespeare Standard employs a team of professional volunteers from around the world. To find out more about our editors and editorships, go here. For information about interns and internship opportunities, go here.

Join our Staff

The Shakespeare Standard is currently accepting applications for assistant editorships in our various content sections. If you are interested or would like more information regarding these or other positions available at The Standard, then email Jeremy Fiebig, Editor-in-Chief, at

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