Header Banner (main page only)
$50 per day (7 day minimum)

Regular Page Sidebar Display Ad (appears on all pages except main page)
$10 per day (7 day minimum)

Footer Banner Ad (appears on all pages)
$5 per day (7 day minimum)

Sidebar Text Ads 
$2 per day (10 day minimum); maximum 300 words, 2 links.

Email ad – Newsletter
$4 per day (10 day minimum)

Dedicated email – direct to reader

$150 per blast. No more than four blasts per month.

Bulk ad rates
Ads purchased by the month, quarter, half-year, and year may be eligible for discount. Inquire.

To obtain the discount, the ad must be purchased in advance.

Ad sizes are provided upon request. User must provide complete ad artwork (JPG, PNG, or GIF) or text. Design services are available for $50 initial setup and $20 per hour.

Payment Information

  • Payment is expected at the time you place your advertising order. We will arrange payments at the time of order.

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