Editors and Staff:

The Shakespeare Standard is managed by a staff of theatre professionals and academics. These editors and interns maintain the several content areas, as well as meet our administrative needs.

If you are interested in joining our staff, please contact our Editor-in-Chief and our Managing Editor at editor@theshakespearestandard.com

Our needs:
We are looking for editors in the following areas:


Staff will cover topics/news such as groundbreaking research and historical finds related to Shakespeare, for example, the finding of Richard III’s skeleton. Editors are also charged with providing information on things such as conferences, calls for papers, panels and exhibits and other areas of interest related to Shakespeare and Scholarship.


Editors will cover  websites, movies, music and other media, all  related to Shakespeare. This can range from internet videos on YouTube to 100 million dollar movies of Joss Whedon and Steven Spielberg and more.

Language and Global Shakespeare:

Staff in this area cover all the news related to  Shakespeare that happens  in other countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, Brazil, France, even England and Scotland from performances to conferences to even brand new books.


Editors and Associate Editors in this section will be providing opinion and topical pieces of their choosing relating to Shakespeare. This could include an Opinion Editorial on a new production to providing a short analysis on a topic broached by Shakespeare such as death, women or servitude.


Staff in this area will cover all things related to Shakespeare and Education. This can include but is not limited educational exhibits, college related symposiums, calls for papers, panels, special theatre productions related to Shakespeare’s plays, etc.


Editors and Associate Editors will cover all the iterations of Shakespeare performance from the big million dollar productions of Hamlet and As You Like It put on by The Royal Shakespeare Company to the very low budget but high quality production put on by a local college.

Social Media:

Editors and Associate Editors in this area are charged with running the social media campaign of The Shakespeare Standard. This includes working and managing our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

Other needs:

We also have need of staff like web designers, communication and social media specialist, coders, marketers, non-profit managers, and more. Even if you are not sure what you are able to do, please still send us your resume/CV and we’ll make an effort to  find a spot for you.

Please again contact our Editor in Chief or Managing Editor if interested at editor@theshakespearestandard.com. All positions are unpaid and volunteer. If you are a college student looking for an internship, please see our internship section.