The Sunday Scholar for the week of 8-7-2011

Hello Everyone:

Welcome to the first “live” posting of my weekly column for The Shakespeare Standard known for now as The Sunday Scholar. Within you will find the top headlines of the week from the scholarly side of the Shakespeare field as well as conference announcements, call for papers, publication and book announcements and many other little tidbits to wet your whistle. Now this post is going to be a little longer then some of the introductory post this last week since I have a lot of ground to make up with covering two weeks of stories. So without further ado let’s get to it.

Shakespeare Quarterly’s Summer Issue:

The Shakespeare Quarterly has just released its new Summer Issue for 2011 titled, Surviving Hamlet which explores the many facets of the Prince of Denmark. Information on the current issue, along with submission guidelines can be found on The Shakespeare Quarterly website. Following that I would also suggest checking out Shakespeare Quarterly on WordPress.

Battle comes to Bosworth Again:

Tickets are now on sale for the Reenactment of the Battle of Bosworth which takes place August 20th and 21st. To learn more details check The Battle of Bosworth. To reserve your tickets, go to The Bosworth Battlefield.


Below are some Youtube Videos to show you what to expect:

Science Ignores Shakespeare:

Scientists, as of 2 weeks ago have asked permission from the Church of England to exhume the body of William Shakespeare despite his own warnings that no one should move his bones. The reason? They want to specifically find out how he died. To read more on this, visit The Daily Independent. Check back for updates on this story soon.


Conferences, Conferences, Conferences, where are the Conferences:

The big news this week is that a ton of conferences were announced and dates were set. Below is a listing of all the conferences that will be happening very soon or in the near future. Be sure to check for updated information on upcoming conferences:

The British Shakespeare Association: The 5th Biennial British Shakespeare Association Conference will be taking place February 24-26, 2012 at Lancaster University. The title of the 2012 conference is   Shakespeare Inside-out: Depth/Surface/Meaning. More information about the conference can be found at the BSA website here.

Shakespeare and Tyranny: An International Symposium. This conference which will be taking place at the University of Murcia in Spain has been rescheduled for January 16-18th 2012. This conference will explore the reception of Shakespeare and his works under different forms of tyrannical governments. For more information about this conference you can find the announcement here.

The Cambridge Shakespeare Conference: Cambridge University in England will be holding a conference in September 2011 entitled Shakespeare Sources and Adaptation. For more information please visit the British Shakespeare Association’s website. You can also visit the Cambridge Conference’s website for even further information on the event.

Calls for Papers- A New Section of the Shakespeare Standard:

Calls for Papers for review and possible publication have been happening ever since the first scholar decided that he/she would like to collect essays on his particular subject and publish them for the world at large to read. Here at The Shakespeare Standard we are no different. Starting soon we will be having a section on our website where all Shakespeare or any other journals related to drama, medieval life, or any other related subject that can be related back to Shakespeare will be able to publish announcements calling for papers for their journals. Journals large or small we’ll take announcements from all.

For now though here are just some of the announcements from publications “Calling for Papers” from various places around the web. Each announcement should have the paper specifications outlined within them as well as any pertinent deadlines. The announcements can each be found below. Each of the links is also the General Themes for each of the papers.

Cardiff Shakespeare: Cardiff Shakespeare has posted an announcement for a call for papers on its website. More information can be found at Filiations and Affiliations .

British Shakespeare Association: The British Shakespeare Association will be putting its next volume of its journal as a special issue. The theme this time is Global Shakespeare  Instructions for authors are located here. While more information about the British Shakespeare Association can be found at the BSA’s website.

Shakespeare Quarterly: While the Shakespeare Quarterly just released their newest issue-see above. They are always looking for submissions for their next issue. The submission guidelines can be found by following this link.

The Early Modern Intelligencer:  The Early Modern Intelligencer has listed a call for papers for a conference entitled Kings and Queens: Politics, Power, Patronage and Personalities in Medieval and Early Modern Monarchy to that will take place at Bath Spa University For more information please see the announcement at CFP: Kings and Queens: Politics, Power, Patronage and Personalities in Medieval and Early Modern Monarchy.

The Early Modern Intelligencer: The Early Modern Research Center is sending out a call for papers for its conference in Early Modern Studies. More information can be found at Early Modern Research Centre: Reading Conference in Early Modern Studies.

Shakespeare in The Park Festival: The Shakespeare in Park Festival of Queensland Australia  taking place in October 2011 has just sent out a second call for papers for their symposium that runs concurrently with the festival. The theme for the symposium this year is Shakespearean Reverie. For more information about the guidelines of submission visit the Shakespearean Reverie announcement.


The Future of the Rose is Wilting: The group behind the excavation of The Rose Theatre suffered a major setback this week when it learned that its bid for 2.1 million dollars of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund was rejected. To read more on this story see below in the Links section or visit here.

Books and Books:  Here are some scholarly books that you might want to consider adding to your collection.

 Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Works of Shakespeare by Isaac Asimov; Asimov categorizes and takes a brief look at all of Shakespeare’s plays in this book along with his two epic poems. A review can be found here.

Shakespeare’s Clown by David Wiles This book focuses on the fact that all Elizabethan Theatre Company had at least one “clown. This book takes an in-depth look at Will Kemp as Shakespeare’s “clown”.

Starter Questions:

What to you is the best way to learn about Shakespeare when it comes to academia? Is it through your own hands on research or through the work of other people?

If you could learn one thing about Shakespeare as a scholar that no one knew what would it be and why?


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