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Birnam Wood comes to College Park | Shakespeare in the Mid-Atlantic

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Where’s Will in the Mid-Atlantic this week?  1/28-2/3/15

This is part of an ongoing series of regional Shakespeare coverage. Kelly Dowling here, with the latest in Shakespeare from the Mid-Atlantic.

Our beautiful Mid-Atlantic region may be bombarded by snow, slush, and rain this week, but you can give your Winter’s Tale a happy ending by taking part in some of these fantastic Shakespeare events.

Just a reminder, as a (somewhat) dedicated volunteer editor, I am willing to spend approximately 2 hours traffic of my internet browser to locate events. SO if there is an event you are dying to see in a future “Where’s Will” post, drop me a line at (Subject Line WHERE’S WILL) so I can include it. I try to cover a wide range of events for ALL BUDGETS produced by any and all types of theatre companies.

Here’s a few I gathered for this week, thanks to Google and budget ticketing site Goldstar – (Goldstar prices notated with a * – Remember, a few dollars in processing charges will also apply.)

MID ATLANTIC MASTERPIECE: (My must see for the week PLUS an extra 10 points+ for Maryland) –

College Park, Maryland: University of MD Theatre Dept. presents: Macbeth – This moveable production sees only 4 actors transforming the Clarice Smith Center into the shadowy halls of Dunsinane castle. The audience moves with the actors and best of all it’s FREE! Fri. 1/30 7:00pm, 9:00pm & Sat. 1/31 2:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm ARRIVE 30 minutes prior to show time for best chance at seeing the production. Space is limited!

Also playing:


New York City: Drunk Shakespeare presents: Shakespeare, Under the Influence –  Wed. 1/27-Sat. 1/31 8:00pm, Fri. 1/30 & Sat. 1/31 10pm – Tickets $29*-58.00

New York City: Shakespeare in the Square presents: The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet –  Thurs. 1/29, Sat. 1/30, Sun. 1/31, & Tues. 2/3 8:00pm; Fri. 1/30 7:00pm & 10:00pm; Sun. 1/31 2:00pm – Tickets $15-75


If you are interested in running your own Shakespeare Company I am recommending New Jersey. There is a Will drought in this state!


I gave up on you PA. I don’t have time to go running to a million sites.


Delaware readers…I need your help for local events!


Laurel: Laurel Mill Playhouse presents:  The Comedy of Errors – Fri. 1/30-Sat. 1/31 8:00pm, Sun. 2/1 2:00pm – Tickets $10*-20.00 (They got extra points because they invited me on Facebook. Pay attention…brown nosing DOES result in extra points!)


Staunton: The American Shakespeare Center presents: Taming of the Shrew – Thurs. 1/29 10:30am, Sat. 1/31 2:00pm; The White Devil – Thurs. 1/29 – Fri. 1/30 7:30pm, Sun. 2/1 2:00pm; The Rover – Sat. 1/31 7:30pm –  Tickets $16-42.00


West Virginia readers – submit those high school productions now!


Folger Shakespeare Library  presents: Mary Stuart – Wed. 1/28-Thurs. 1/29 7:30pm, Fri. 1/30 & Sat. 1/31 8:00pm, Sat. 1/31 & Sun. 2/1 2:00pm, Sun. 2/1 7:00pm – Tickets $30-40

Now that you have some ideas, get out there and grab some Mid-Atlantic events by the bards!


+ Hey Kelly? What’s up with the points?

Well, just to keep these weekly posts fun AND to foster the spirit of competition I have instituted a points system for bragging rites. At the January 2016 Shakepeare Theatre Association Conference I will name one Mid-Atlantic state (or non-state/DC) the “Most Shakespeare-iest.” (And don’t despair, little states/non-states/DC. There will be points adjustments related to population for the final tally!) So send those events in if you don’t want your state to get spanked.

Kelly K Dowling

Author Kelly K Dowling

Kelly K Dowling founded COW Company Theatre in Carroll County (also known as Maryland’s Brigadoon) in July of 2014. Prior to that she spent several years as a Company Member and Managing Director of The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory. Kelly is passionate about her family, convincing everyone on earth that attending classical theatre is as much fun as going to a sports game, providing more performance opportunities for women and minorities in classical productions, and putting rescue animals onstage whenever possible. Kelly has, at various times been a director, a writer, a performer, a puppeteer, a teaching artist, a choreographer, a technical director, a stage hand, and the 3rd Shawnee on the left at Blue Jacket: the Epic Outdoor Drama. Kelly holds a BA in theatre from Catawba College and attended the Marymount London School of Drama.

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