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This week, the folks at Mashable have given us N’Sync + SHakespeare mashups.

Image: Vicky Leta/ Mashable

Image: Vicky Leta/ Mashable

“Did Hamlet not tell Oephelia “BYE, BYE, BYE,” when he sent her to that nunnery?”, Eitan Levine asks?

Even though I wasn’t a huge N’Sync fan back in the day, I can appreciate a good mashup.

What I wouldn’t give, though, for a nice Bell Biv Devoe + Shakespeare tune. Anyone feel up for it?


Quiz time!!

Shakespeare Simpsons

Shakespeare Simpsons

If you are looking for a good quiz, the Guardian has one called “Shakespeare and the Simpsons.”

I got a six out of ten my first time through, but I’m pretty sure I got the Shakespeare question right.

Richard III

Richard III

You know who shot stabbed killed this guy, right?


If you are on Pinterest (I am!), the Folger library has a great board full of quotes.

Folger DIgital Texts

Folger DIgital Texts

This quote makes me laugh every time, if only for its breathtaking hope and Prospero’s wry, worldly response: “Tis new to thee.”

There’s tons of Shakespeare fun happening on social media, so have a little fun while you’re checking your ‘books, ‘grams, and tweets.

Till next time –

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Sara Keeth is a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her current project is on maternal representation in Shakespeare's English history plays. She takes Shakespeare jokes very, very seriously.

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