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Don’t get me wrong, I love Titus Andronicus. But Titus’ attitude toward Lavinia post-rape has always bothered me. Lavinia is clearly not stupid – she is incredibly articulate and witty in the early scenes in which she has a tongue to speak – so it struck me as implausible that it would take her so long to find a way to communicate the identity of her attackers to her father. This comic is how I imagine things went down for awhile in the Andronicus household.


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Rachel Fitzhugh is Associate Editor in Education and Foolery at The Shakespeare Standard, a volunteer coordinator at a small non-profit in rural Oregon, and a volunteer Shakespeare instructor at the Winston Teen Center. When Rachel discovered that a person could actually go to school specifically for Shakespeare, she decided to follow that passion, studying Shakespeare and Performance at Mary Baldwin College in association with the American Shakespeare Center, and received her M.Litt/MFA with a focus in Dramaturgy in 2011.